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LFT enables everyone to take simple actions to help animals, making a difference with a single click. Our petitions have collectively gained over 15 million signatures, directly saving animals’ lives and putting horrific cruelty cases right in front of the eyes of government officials, industry leaders and other decision makers. We believe that no animal should suffer at human hands, whether for food, clothing, entertainment or experimentation. Our team not only works to change the laws and policies that allow suffering, but also provides direct aid to animals in desperate situations, such as the dog meat trade.


Address: 12405 Venice Blvd., #390 Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310.626.1950
Twitter: @ladyfreethinker
Instagram: @ladyfreethinker
Facebook Page: @LadyFreethinker
Top Executive: Nina Jackel, President & Founder
Year Established: 2015

Lady Freethinker is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to creating a compassionate world for animals, humans and the planet. LFT creates petitions and news articles, and conducts investigations to raise awareness and effect change.



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The organization’s top priorities for 2021-2022 are raising awareness of the horrific dog meat trade until it is banned for good, continuing work to remove all animal cruelty videos on social media platforms (including a current legal suit against YouTube), and continue to fight to stop abuse of baby macaque monkeys.