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Fitness trends at CES

The Hypnos (“sleep” in Greek) sleeping mask and smartphone app listens to and analyzes your snoring and responds accordingly.


Aurai is the world’s first water-propelled eye massager.


Fight tech-neck syndrome with the Tekneksavr.


If you get a kick out of data, the InsideCoach Smart Soccer ball provides a wealth of it: taps per minute, passes, distance, height, spin, force, speed of the ball.


Golification X uses a tiny glove-mounted wearable and tagged golf clubs to provide goal metrics and swing analysis, including club speed, path and tempo and GPS rangefinder.


The Spectra Silver electric skateboard has four-wheel drive and hands-free posture control, and it can sense your movements.


The Cosmo Connected smart helmet light brightens as you slow down and stop and blinks if you fall.

 (Roy M. Wallack)

Finally, a sports watch for off-the-grid endurance maniacs, the new Sunnto 9.


A wearable, non-invasive blood glucose monitor could arrive by the end of the year, according to Alabama-based Aerbetics.


Many products use heart rate, HRV or body-movement monitoring to estimate your sleep quality. But Dreem claims more accuracy with a special electronic headband that is equipped with sophisticated signal-processing and machine-learning algorithms.

Princess Cruises OCEAN Medallion - Yoga On Deck (Mark Katzman)

Food and a margarita on Princess Cruises OCEAN Medallion in Mexico

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If you need to monitor your heartbeat for atrial fibrillation (A-fib), arrhythmia or other conditions in real time, the Withings Move ECG watch is a lower-cost alternative to the Apple Watch series 4, which pioneered wrist-top ECG. The Move ECG also monitors heart rate and activity tracking.


The Omron Heart Guide, which received FDA clearance as a medical device in early January, is the first wrist-watch blood pressure monitor.

 (Omron Healthcare)

Brush your teeth in seconds flat with the FasTeesH Y-Brush, a soft, flexible, nylon-bristle-covered mouthpiece that vibrates at 250 mhrtz and cleans an entire set of teeth at once.


JaxJox, the first connected kettlebell, instantly adjusts from 12 to 42 pounds in 6-pound increments at the touch of a button.


InBody claims that its new H20N measures your percentages of body fat, muscle and metabolic rate better than other consumer smart scales.


The world’s first fingerprint-activated padlock, Benjilock, a Shark Tank success story.