Yoga pose helps runners stretch hip flexors while making legs stronger

Tight hip flexors can be a problem for people whose workout regimens include running or brisk walking; such repetitive forward motion can cause overuse injuries. Here’s a yoga pose that can help. It will stretch the hip flexors of the back leg and strengthen the muscles in the front leg.

Step 1 Begin on your hands and knees, placing your left foot between your hands with your knee bent directly above your left ankle. Tuck your right toes under, lean your torso forward and straighten your right knee. Once you feel stable, raise your hands away from the floor. Keep your hips low and hold this position for three breaths.

Step 2 Slowly bring your torso to an upright position and raise your arms, fingertips pointing to the ceiling. Focus on keeping your left shin perpendicular to the ground with your hips and shoulders facing forward. Hold for three breaths, then lean forward and lower your arms to the ground to release. Repeat with the other leg forward.

Voight is a freelance writer.