Summer fun
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Summer fun

Slicing its way through the waves

WaveSkater Body Board: Highly maneuverable, shaped boogie board.

Likes: Unique, one-piece, closed-cell foam material is sculpted into a comfortable, soft-to-the-touch, performance-aiding shape that is great for both beginners and big-wave riders. It has raised side rails for gripping, a carved-out belly area and dual underside pontoons for a hydroplane effect at high speeds. The design cuts angles in the water faster than standard boards. The manufacturer claims it is half the weight, three to four times as buoyant and four times as strong as regular, laminated body boards and will not waterlog or get damaged as easily. Half the price of high-end boards. Leash included.

Dislikes: Rides a bit slower in regular surf (a benefit for beginners).

Price: XR (up to 130 pounds), $109; pro, $129-$169. (973) 669-1557;
Go long, Spot — really, really long

Open Air Zoom-O: 13.5-inch-wide flying ring made of a fabric-covered rim and a Lycra inner circle.

Likes: Throws very far and straight. Extremely easy to catch; you almost can’t drop it. Floats in water. Good hang time, due to the grippy dimpled rim fabric and Lycra canopy. The soft outer grip doesn’t sting as much as a plastic disc when it hits your hand. You can catch it on your head comfortably.

Dislikes: None.

Price: $15. (203) 858-5999; or
Piped-in tunes are swimmer’s soundtrack

Amphicam Aqua FM radio snorkel: Snorkel tube with built-in radio.

Likes: You can catch every exciting word of the presidential debates while communing with dolphins. Controls, located on the front of the purge-valve housing, are simple to use. Antennae is in the tube; powered by two AAA batteries. Can be paired with any mask, such as Aqua Sphere’s 180-degree Sphera mask (pictured, $45).

Dislikes: Can’t get the Dodgers (they’re on AM radio). Doesn’t work when you dive down (radio waves can’t penetrate water).

Price: $99. (800) 775-3483;
Oh, to be a giant gumdrop on the water

Wego Sumo Tube: Towable, inflatable cone with rope handle.

Likes: Thrill of a lifetime.

Dislikes: $50,000 powerboat not included.

Price: $119.95. (888) 814-8833;
Beach volleyball

without the bruises

Sprint Aquatics Soft Touch: Neoprene-coated volleyball.

Likes: Soft coating doesn’t sting your hands and forearms as much as a regular volleyball. Bright, multicolored graphics stand out in the crowd.

Dislikes: At 6.5 ounces, much lighter than a normal volleyball.

Price: $10.60. (800) 235-2156;