A slide for fitness
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A slide for fitness

Slip-sliding your way to fitness

Skier’s Edge ski machine: Stable lateral trainer that allows work on form and endurance.

Likes: Fun and challenging side-to-side aerobic workout, similar to the Pro Fitter (below), that aggressively works your skiing muscles in a more stable format. Balancing with two rubber-tipped poles while standing on two rocking platforms, you fling yourself side to side along two down-sloping rails, as if you’re making smooth, hard

S-turns. The resistance, provided by a thick, wide rubber cord, increases as you push down and out with your outside foot, just as it does when you’re carving downhill. The solid base lets you get into a confident rhythm and allows a cardio workout. Poles included for balance.

Dislikes: Big (5 feet by 16 inches wide), heavy (65 pounds) and hard to move. Takes an hour to put together.

Price: $1,200. (800) 225-9666, Ext. 404; http://www.skiersedge.com ()
Flying saucers can take you

where you want to be

Gliding: Two plates. Bring your own Persian rug.

Likes: Although billed as “the ultimate bun workout,” this creation of fitness instructor Mindy Mylrea works as a legitimate functional trainer for skiing and skating. As you slide from side to side across the carpet on two 9-inch-wide plastic plates, you engage all the muscles of the leg at once. As you squat, lunge and slide, the movements somewhat simulate the forces of ski turns, inline skating and cross-country skiing on the quads. A DVD or VHS tapes with three lengthy workouts are included. The plates aren’t limited to back-and-forth movement, they’re portable — and, in a pinch, you could eat spaghetti off them. And they’re only 20 bucks!

Dislikes: Not quite as sport-specific as the other three trainers reviewed, as you can’t jump-squat with your legs in parallel position.

Price: $19.99. (800) 431-7474; http://www.glidingdiscs.com ()
For those who like

working out on the edges

Pro Fitter 3-D Cross Trainer: Unstable lateral trainer that emphasizes balance.

Likes: A challenging (but not too difficult) quad and core-stability workout. The rounded base rocks back and forth, forcing you to balance and get into a rhythm as you tuck and carve from side to side, as you would on the slopes. Push it, and you can get a cardiovascular workout. Flexing footpads add to the challenge and let you practice edging. It’s versatile: The trainer comes with instructions and a training DVD that detail 20 nonskiing exercises. Nothing to put together. At 4 feet long, it’s easy to store.

Dislikes: May require too much athleticism for some.

Price: $499.95. (800) FITTER-1; http://www.fitter1.com ()