Curious about using cannabis for wellness? This is for you.

A new report says the precise health effects of marijuana on its users remain something of a mystery. (Jan. 13, 2017)

Curious about cannabis for wellness? Talk to your doctor. Here are a few additional resources to get some answers:

The 5,000-year-old plant — how to use it, what it can potentially treat — is the focus of an upcoming live-stream summit from Hollywood.

Max Simon, founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, an online cannabis education site and organizer of the two-day gathering, said the goal of the event is to demystify the weed and remove the stigma that “this is something for stoners.”

He added: “An entire generation has been told that this is something that’s bad for you and wrong,” even though many in the medical field believe it can be an effective remedy for many issues.

Speakers discussing this sprawling subject are scheduled to include Los Angeles-based internist and medical marijuana authority Allan Frankel, former NFL player Eugene Monroe, who advocates marijuana for pain relief, and cannabis entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth, who co-founded the Whoopi & Maya line of medical cannabis products with Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg.


Basics covered include defining cannabinoids — the compounds in cannabis flowers that make them effective — and how some cannabis-derived products can be found in health food stores. (Some cannabinoids react with medications, so a doctor should always be consulted before use.)

Info: Cannabis Health Summit, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 6 and 7, live-streamed on Free until the end of the summit. After that, it will available with a membership to the site, which is $18 a month.


It’s not just about smoking either. Cannabis can now be found in artfully packaged salves, tinctures, bath salts and predosed “pens.”

San Francisco brand TreatWell makes cannabis-based tinctures in different ratios for humans and pets. “Liquid forms of cannabis are easier to dose and longer-lasting than smoking it,” said Alison Ettel, company founder. “We’re seeing people use it for insomnia, seizures, anxiety and pain.”

It probably goes without saying again, but we will say it again: Talk to your doctor — and vet.


But how much is just enough?

To ensure correct dosages, hmbldt — short for Humboldt County, where the cannabis is grown — specializes in “pens” containing cannabis formulas to induce different conditions, such as sleep, relaxation and pain relief. “The biggest issue with plant-based medicine is how to get consistent volume,” said Derek McCarty, hmbldt’s chief marketing officer. The pens are designed to take the guess work out of dosages: “These pens give exactly 200 doses.”


For your feet? Yep.

Edible cannabis from Lord Jones, a manufacturer and distributor, uses Ecuadorian dark chocolate, fruit essences from Europe and Californian cannabis, said co-founder Cindy Capobianco. The brand also produces pain relief creams, including those offered to A-listers before hitting the Oscars to help offset high-heel induced discomfort.


Women — particularly around their monthly cycle — are targeted in the offerings from Whoopi & Maya, said cofounder Elisabeth. There’s Soak, which are soothing Epsom salts combined with cannabis and oils, Savor, which are magnesium- and iron-rich raw cacao and cannabis to help with cramping, and Rub, a salve that combines cannabis with white willow bark, ginger and St John’s wort and is said to soothe pain and uplift spirits.


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