Workaholics: Are you classic or ‘engaged’?


How do you know if you’re a classic workaholic or an “engaged workaholic”? Try this quiz, adapted from scales designed by Dutch researchers to measure workaholism and work engagement.

For each statement below, note whether you feel this way never, almost never, rarely, sometimes, often, very often or always. Give “never” a zero score and “always” a 6.

1. At my work, I feel bursting with energy.

2. It’s important to me to work hard even when I don’t enjoy what I’m doing.

3. My job inspires me.S

4. I seem to have an inner compulsion to work hard, a feeling that it’s something I have to do whether I want to or not.


5. I get carried away when I am working.

6. I feel obligated to work hard, even when it’s not enjoyable.

The more 6s you have on the odd-numbered questions, the more likely you are to be engaged in your work, possibly fitting into the category of what researchers call an engaged workaholic.

The more 6’s you have on the even numbered questions, the more likely you are to be a classic workaholic.

Kathleen Doheny

Source: Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Utrecht University, and Marjan J. Gorgievski, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.