Try This: The old-school half Turkish get-up

For a stronger body and greater mobility, steal this old-school exercise from wrestlers. Called the half Turkish get-up, it’s a total body workout all in one move, says Amy Dixon, celebrity personal trainer and head of group fitness at Equinox Santa Monica, who uses it in her “Give Me 10: Core Cuts” DVD. All you need is one hand weight. Women should use a dumbbell or kettle bell that’s 5 to 10 pounds; men can use up to a 15-pound weight.

What it does

This exercise strengthens your core, arms, hips and legs as you press the weight — and your body — up.

What to do

Lie flat on an exercise mat, with your right leg extended and your right arm extended out to the side on the floor directly across from your shoulder. The left leg is bent with the sole of your foot on the floor, and the left arm is bent with your elbow on the mat and your left hand holding the weight in the air.


Press the weight straight up, stacking it over your left shoulder. With your weight still in the air, brace your core and press up onto your right elbow, then lift even further, until you are balancing on your right palm directly under your right shoulder. Squeeze your left glute as you push your hips up as far as you can. Your body will be in a straight line from head to toe, with your arm running perpendicular.

Come back down, lowering your hips and bending your elbow to return to the start position. Repeat. Once you have completed all repetitions, switch sides, bending the right leg and pressing up with the weight in your right hand. Beginners can modify this by doing it without a weight.

How much

Work up to three sets of 12 repetitions on each side.