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The Global Garden: A mission that produced a world of edible adventures

The Global Garden: A mission that produced a world of edible adventures

Time to plant arugula for homegrown greens with a kick

Growing arugula is easy: It's a backyard crop that attracts few pests, reseeds easily and provides waves of fresh greens.

With baseball plant, throw a curve into your windowsill garden

Planting marigolds, for Day of the Dead and beyond

Planting marigolds, for Day of the Dead and beyond

Carrots: Three tricks to growing a healthy crop now

Lemon verbena: So many reasons to add aromatic plant to garden

Lemon verbena is a folk-medicine standard and with regular pruning can grow into a 6-foot-high shrub, topped with white flowers.

Golden barrel cactus, a hot pick for low-water landscapes

Camomile plants: from pretty flowers to homegrown tea

Camomile, sometimes spelled chamomile, is popular garden plant that blooms with petite yellow and white flowers that can be brewed for a soothing tea.

Santa Rita prickly pear -- a summer splash of purple in the garden

For the Santa Rita variety of Prickly pear cactus, it¿s not about the fruit but rather the ornamental appeal.

Jerusalem artichokes, a lazy gardener's top crop?

Jerusalem artichokes deliver pretty yellow flowers that appear in August and edible tubers that can be harvested in the fall.

Backyard tequila? Planting the blue succulent, Agave tequilana

The heart of the blue agave, Agave tequilana, makes fine tequila, but the plant can be a dream as a landscape design element too.

Pigeon peas: A sweet summer addition to the edible garden

The pigeon pea is a hardy perennial's sweet, fresh green peas (technically beans) are a doppelganger for petit pois.

Growing fennel for its flowers, seeds and potent pollen

Homegrown polenta? Floriani corn plants deliver 'amazing flavor'

Floriani corn is an heirloom type of red-kernel corn grown to make polenta, but fans know that it also makes great pancakes, cornbread and masa for tortillas.

Spigariello, a leafy edible with the taste of Italy

Homegrown okra plants: A bit of Louisiana by way of L.A.

Pick your color: Hoya, a succulent in many shades

Woad, the plant that's also a DIY blue fabric dye

Cotton plants: You can grow your own, but there is a wrinkle

Growing blackberries: Sweet fruit, minus the thorns

The thornless blackberries in Mary Steffens' backyard in Echo Park are going on three years, and one of the plants is finally setting fruit -- big, purple-black globes of nearly seedless, sweet-tart juiciness.

Growing the etrog citron, a tree full of symbolism

How to grow your own coffee: It's easy, sort of

Mouse melon, a.k.a. Mexican gherkin: Tiny fruit is big on cute

Rocoto chile: For pepper lovers who can take the heat

The giant yucca's edible bounty: seeds, fruit, even flowers

Goji berry: Plant your own backyard superfruit

Grow your own plantains, tropical cousin of the banana

Plantains are part of the Musa genus, making bananas their sweeter cousin. Plantains in Southern California do well in spots with warm ocean breezes.

Roselle: Plant now for hibiscus tea flowers later

Growing artichokes: Time to plant is now

Artichokes have become fairly ubiquitous here because they are ornamental as well as edible.

Borage: companion plant for tomatoes, strawberries, squash

Homegrown tea: How to raise your own brewable plants

Growing your daily cuppa tea sounds appealing, but it's not that easy.

Homegrown lemon grass: two varieties of a singular taste

If kale is king, then collard greens are prince of the edible garden

Forget kale! With better resistance to heat, collard greens do just fine in Southern California.

Hyacinth bean vine, a versatile addition to the edible garden

Shiitake DIY: How to grow beloved mushrooms at home

Sorrel: Ancient edible wonder -- and potential headache

For the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, sorrel soup was a harbinger of spring.

Bok choy: Homegrown greens, made for the shade

Growing taro for more than its roots

Growing rue, an odd herb with a rueful side

Growing mizuna, the new year greens

Native to China, mizuna grows fast and is slow to bolt, meaning it's ready to harvest in less than two months but good for a long time before it goes to seed.

Tromboncino squash: A fast grower that can throw some curves

Hachiya persimmon: The taste and look of fall

Persimmon growing: The choice boils down to Fuyu or Hachiya. Persimmons are easy to grow.

Homegrown pineapple? In L.A., it's possible

One of Nancy Howell's planting boxes at Ocean View Farms community garden in Mar Vista contains something strikingly exotic: pineapple.

Holy basil: Grow your own pesto with punch

Jujube: From China, a tough tree with sweet fruit

Jujube trees can be grown from Florida to the Canadian border, but they are particularly well suited to Southern California¿s long, hot summers.

Ice cream bean tree: Sweetness by the scoop

Pomegranate: Tree from Iran thrives in the California sun

Weed or feed? An edible nuisance called purslane

Prickly pear cactus: How to harvest fruit without getting poked

Growing bitter melon: Tricks to an unusual treat

Growing white sapote, like custard cups on a tree

White sapote, most often seen sprouting from scattered seed in some neglected patch of Southern California, has the taste of a creamy custard.

Calamondin: Cousin of the kumquat delivers fruit all year

How to save tomato and tomatillo seeds

A step-by-step guide for washing, drying and storing tomato and tomatillo seeds for future planting.

Growing chayote: Bury one fruit, get an epic plant

Plant one chayote fruit in the ground and you'll get a fast-growing vine that delivers abundant harvests.

Growing papaya: Tips for success, seed to harvest

Growing the ground cherry, the tomato's sweet-tart cousin

Ground cherries sprawl as they grow, sending out fruit enclosed within a protective papery husk.

How to grow tomatillos

Give this cousin of the tomato consistent watering and staked support, and one plant might yield 10 pounds of fruit.