Gifts for pets


Holiday gifts for pets? Think of it this way: They will be delighted or, at the very least, distracted — while you're gift-wrapping and gift-opening.

Laptop scratch pad

If your curious cat likes to join you at the desk while you're typing, it's possible you've lost some valuable data — or forwarded a photo that should never see the light of day. This cardboard "laptop" could put an end to all that heartache. $35.

(Suck UK)

Couch saver

Cats and laser lights — it's hard to imagine a better combination. The laser toy sits on top of a post and operates at four speeds. Your cat gets to get crazy, and you may be able to keep that couch for another year. $79.95.

(Anthony Cavaciuti)

Subscription box for dogs

Why should makeup mavens and style junkies have all the fun? BarkBox will send a package of dog products (toys, treats, chews) that adhere to a theme ("Throwback Thursday," "Chewrassic Bark") each month. Too cute? Too much? Not if you love dogs. Note to gift-givers: Rates can vary depending on whether you are buying for yourself. From about $29 to $252, depending on package.


Cat playground

Yes, you'll have to deal with "some assembly required," but the result will be this sleek modular cat tree that can be reassembled into several shapes. You might even be able to display a few of your own knickknacks on its flat surfaces. $199.95.

(Crystal Waye)

Dog wine

Who says it's inappropriate to pour a little libation for your canine companion as you sip your favorite biodynamic wine? The ingredients in this doggy "Malbark" include organic peppermint extract, organic red beets and organic anise seed. Are there other varietals? Is there "wine" for cats? Did you have to ask? $10.95.

(Apollo Peak)

Dog treats

What modern dog doesn't want an emoji treat? One that is grain free and made with garbanzo bean flour and natural peanut butter? Jessica Sullivan's treat box includes two smiley face emoji treats, a winking face emoji and X-eyes emoji (and she's planning a holiday box as well). $12.95.

(The Good Dog Treat Box)

Globetrotter plush toys

If your next vacation has to be canine-free, your stay-at-home dog might take comfort in chewing on some travel toys — headphones or a sandal or a camera. P.L.A.Y.'s collection includes five toys. $43.10.


Dog DNA test

Does your dog need to have a rundown on its genetics? Or could this be a gift for the human in your canine's life? Perhaps every creature in your immediate circle will be pleased to discover that your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is actually 11% Maltese. $199.


Lump 'o coal

Has Rocky been naughty or nice this year? Either way, this Orbee-Tuff ball could be a pleasant diversion for the canine that has (almost) everything. Plus it's relatively small — 2.75 inches in diameter — and if that doesn't say "stocking stuffer," we don't know what does. $14.95.

(Planet Dog)

Figure-8-track cat toy

It's a Kong figure-eight shaped racetrack with two rattle balls, a feather attachment and a catnip tail. Your feline may get in a good workout; your furniture may catch a break. $9.89.

(Kong Company)

For the birds

Planet Pleasures is an L.A.-based company that uses environmentally friendly, sustainable materials for all of its bird toys, including this shuttle. And if you're all about planetary exploration, you could add the Planet Pleasures Space Ship. Shuttle, $6.65; space ship, $5.25.

(Planet Pleasures)

Catnip strawberries

These “chocolate-covered” fleece berries, created by Trish Iriye, are stuffed with organic catnip, which may be the best feline gift ever (if berries aren't your thing, Iriye also makes catnip-stuffed fortune cookies) $18.

(Miso Handmade)

Mazee ball

Your dog (or your cat, for that matter) needs a little brain stimulation now and then, and this ball, with an inner "maze" that holds treats, could fulfill that need. $16.93.

(Planet Dog)

Kong Flyer dog toy

This soft rubber disc could be the perfect item to pack for a picnic in the park with your canine, especially if your dog likes to fetch and catch. About $10.

(Kong Company)

Bird kabob

If you haven't contemplated the concept of bird boredom, you probably have never lived with bird. They need stimulation and play time as well as food and water and your undying love. The (biodegradable) bird kabob may ease some of that ennui. $13.99.

(Bird Kabob)

Birdee basketball

Why should Lonzo Ball have all the fun? This bird "gym" includes a basketball and hoop, agility climbing rings, a swing and a food and water basin for post-workout recharging. $19.99.

Reindeer loofa

It's soft — but durable — which means your dog may still be playing with it after the holidays. Plus, there are squeakers inside, which means everyone in your household can participate in the dog joy. It may be the perfect gift to tuck into your canine's holiday stocking — or, perhaps, the inspiration you need to acquire one. About $7.


Cat litter box

Sometimes a litter box is more than a plastic bin to hide in the laundry room — sometimes it's a midcentury modern piece of furniture that might work well in a Joseph Eichler home — or your very own apartment. The finish is walnut. $219.

(Hay Needle)

Snowman chew

It's made with interlaced cotton thread and has that highly desirable (at least for dogs) squeaker inside. Did we mention it's seasonally appropriate? $12.

(Dogo Pet)

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