Design swap: Living room
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Emily Henderson living and dining room makeover

Design swap: Living room
The new living room of Bri Emery’s Silver Lake duplex includes a mix of vintage pieces, newly reupholstered furniture, black-and-white accents and touches of golden hues. Henderson accessorized with black and white to appeal to Emery’s masculine side. “You want everything equally peppered around the room,” Henderson said. “When your eye gets tired at looking at it, that’s when you have too much. But if your eye is constantly bouncing around, excited, that’s when you stop.” (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Emery and Henderson
Emily Henderson, left, and Bri Emery in the living room of Emery’s Silver Lake duplex.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Emery and Henderson
Bri Emery and Emily Henderson in Emery’s Silver Lake dining room. Henderson paired a vintage Danish modern dining room table from Danish Modern in Silver Lake with a colorful rug from Lake in Silver Lake and a huge surfing photo by Max Wanger.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Vintage modern
A vintage lamp from the online shop Mod Pieces, a black-and-white vase from Jonathan Adler and photo strips from a photo booth create a colorful vignette atop a white streamlined table from Blu Dot.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Entryway
Pink accents throughout the space complement the gold accents and black-and-white additions.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Emery at home
Graphic designer and blogger Emery (with Clash) now finds it hard to leave her Silver Lake home.” I’m way happier logging on in the morning from here. Every day I want to go to my office less.”  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Jungle
After Bri Emery pinned several white rooms with green plants, Henderson decided to create a “jungle” for her made of potted plants. In a fun touch, Henderson painted the large ceramic face pot from the flower mart white, giving it the look of a Jonathan Adler piece. “You want different levels and layers with plants so it looks collected but intentional,” Henderson said. “This table acted like one big plant stand -- but way sexier than that. It’s clean and simple, so it’s easy to up-keep, but it still adds interest and something architectural.”  (Laure Joliet )
Design swap: Custom armoire
A long, narrow, custom-made armoire of Henderson’s design accommodates the TV in the long, narrow room.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Dining room
Henderson paired a vintage Danish modern dining table with a colorful rug from Lake in Silver Lake, a Max Wanger print and a pendant by Brendan Ravenhill. (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Dining room
Henderson enlarged a surfing photo by Max Wanger to make a statement in the dining room.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Pink
Unexpected touches of pink, like this vintage ottoman, add another layer of vibrancy to the room. The coffee table is a flea market find; the pouf was scored on Craigslist.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Jungle
The greenery creates a “jungle” at the end of a long, narrow living room. Henderson reupholstered the couch in a thick aqua blue linen and added a vintage Plycraft chair with its original upholstery, bought from a flea market.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Gold
Golden accents add warmth to the room. Here, gold coasters mix with a miniature brass doll house chair Henderson bought Emery for her birthday. “I love putting things under domes,” she said.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Accents
Antiques, books, artworks and plants accent a vintage armoire. “Books are a stylist’s secret weapon,” Henderson said. “They add immediate personality. I like to stack them with the biggest on the bottom, building up like a pyramid.”  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Black and white and gold
Black and white accents add the masculine touch Emery wanted. Henderson reupholstered a vintage Milo Baughman chair in a black and white tribal fabric and paired it with a golden side table from West Elm and a bar cart from Crate & Barrel.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Living room
Working for three months and with a budget of $12,500, Emery got the space she wanted.  (Laure Joliet)
Design swap: Bri Emery
Graphic designer Bri Emery relaxes in her newly redecorated living room in Silver Lake, conceived by designer Emily Henderson.

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