Tyre House
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A. Quincy Jones’ Tyre House, remade modern

Tyre House
Designed by A. Quincy Jones in the 1950s, the Tyre House recently was renovated by the Los Angeles architecture firm Escher Gunewardena. For a peek inside, keep clicking ... (Escher GuneWardena)
Tyre House: living room
The beauty of the A. Quincy Jones design: The 11-foot-high ceiling angles gracefully down toward a white brick fireplace, which anchors a more intimate end of the room. Sliding glass opens to a courtyard and pool on one side, to a steep driveway that disappears from sight on the other. A white sofa effortlessly sweeps along the wall, adding to the visual harmony. (Nicolas Valencia and Brian Hart)
Tyre House: living room
The reverse view: The seating sweeps toward the dining area and kitchen as the room expands up and out. (Escher Gunewardena)
Tyre House
A restrained palette of materials lends a serene beauty to the spaces.  (Nicolas Valencia and Brian Hart)
Tyre House: kitchen
Kitchen with dining room beyond. (Nicolas Valencia)
Tyre House: master bedroom
Escher Gunewardena reconfigured the floor plan of the bedroom wing, so it felt as luxurious as the living area. Perhaps the greatest change was in the master suite, which was enlarged to accommodate ... (Nicolas Valencia and Brian Hart)
Tyre House: master bathroom
... an expanded master bathroom. With Japanese bathing culture in mind, architects Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena provided their client with this retreat: a cloud-white room with doors that slide for an 18-foot-wide view of the private garden. (Nicolas Valencia and Brian Hart)
Tyre House: master bath
The view from the new tub: a pond where water bubbles over carefully positioned rocks.  (Escher GuneWardena)
Tyre House: media room
To provide more book storage for the new owner, who hasn’t yet fully moved in, new shelves were matched to the home’s original built-ins.  (Nicolas Valencia)
Tyre House: powder room
More elegance through visual simplicity. (Nicolas Valencia)
Tyre House: all-purpose room
Now that the bedroom wing has the same finishes and floor-to-ceiling glass that lend elegance to the living room, the entire house feels more polished and cohesive.  (Nicolas Valencia and Brian Hart)
Tyre House
The angles of the living room are aglow in this photo taken for the Hammer Museum’s forthcoming exhibition, “A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living.”
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