Kimye gift guide: L.A. designers weigh in
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L.A. designers go shopping for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding

“For the couple that has everything, except perhaps, privacy, I think this yacht-island would be right up their alley. Now they can retreat to their own private, moving, well ... island and still be the flashiest when they pull up in Cannes.” -Erinn Valencich (Yacht Island Design )
“For Kanye and Kim’s Wedding, Buccellati would be top of the list. Bespoke is very hot right now and Buccellati leads in the category. How about Buccellati matching cellphone cases?” -Tracy Paul (Buccellati)
“Can you imagine the packing for this honeymoon? I would suggest giving this glam couple a sexy Goyard steamer trunk. It is both old-world elegance and contemporary-chic at the same time. I am guessing Kim will take over this one!” -Barclay Butera (Goyard)
“Matthew Willet’s Golden Skateboard is the perfect thing for Nori to escape the paparazzi when she’s 14 and so over being the most photographed child next to the Olsen Twins. It’ll be her mode of escape.” -Emily Henderson (Matthew Willet)
Tamara Kaye-Honey recommends a collection of provocative pottery by Amanda Wright, carried exclusively at House of Honey.  (Tamara Kaye-Honey)
Jordan Cappella chose the Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition Fountain Pen. “It’s great for signing a wedding certificate,” he said. “The catch: Be sure to use invisible ink. By the time the marriage has ended the ink will have vanished too.” (Montblanc)
“Sam Orlando Miller’s mirrored works speak of eternity and truth, and these pair of jewel-like sculptural boxes (his and hers) would make the perfect gift for Kim and Kanye.” -David John Dick (Sam Orlando Miller )
“I would love to gift upon Kimye bespoke Kathryn M. Ireland linens from my hand printing textile studio in Los Angeles. They would include images of Kim, Kanye, and of course baby North from their whirlwind wedding...!” -Kathryn Ireland (Jonathan Beckerman)
“I think it’s only fitting to buy Kimye a pair of matching solid gold iPhone covers. It’s a fitting way to bouge up their infamous mirror selfies and after all, nothing says Palace of Versailles like 24k gold. #solidgoldselfie” -Jeffrey Alan Marks (Miansai)
“I think Kim and Kanye are very beautiful physically and they must have everything they want and then some. It seemed right to choose something beautiful and elegant but not prissy. Also they might not know this world but once they do they might want more.” -Jackie Terrell  (Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg)
“Just in case there are more children in the works, a good compass may help with picking a name.” -Mark Cutler (Rothco)
Maya Williams was torn between a diamond encrusted gold phone by Peter Aloisson and a set of pure silver Martele flatware priced at $350,000. Then she remembered: “Darby Island in the Bahamas can be purchased for $40 million.” (Mark Albins)
“Since it seems something of a hobby, maybe a new video camera would come in handy.” -Mark Cutler (Canon)
Gary Gibson chose a vintage artist’s palette because “no artist should be caught without one!!”  (Gary Gibson)
“Doesn’t everyone need a Richard Serra sculpture for the garden? Instead of traditional wedding bands, how about this abstract representation of the two coming together as one? And if you want to pick one up, Serra is represented by Gagosian.” -Heather Ashton (Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)
“As a wedding present for Kim and Kanye, I would give them a fantastic piece of art from Elizabeth Orleans, a cool up and coming street artist who is sure to be the next big thing!” -Kara Smith (Elizabeth Orleans)
“Some fun and whimsical ideas include a break from the selfies with a representation of the entire wedding party in Mouse Taxidermy wearing Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. Imagine the Kardashian clan as mice!” -Heather Ashton (Hoardaculture/Etsy)