Growing papaya
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Papaya, from seed to harvest

Most people think of papayas as tropical treats, but the fruit is relatively easy to grow here in Southern California. (Ann Summa)
Papaya seedlings rise from the soil in L.A. gardener Horacio Fuentes’ yard. Most fruit bought at markets have seeds that can be planted, though there are tricks to getting those trees to yield good fruit. (Ann Summa)
Flowers bloom on a papaya tree in the Wilshire Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. (Ann Summa)
Papaya fruit begins to form, while the broad, veined foliage is a benefit unto itself. (Ann Summa)
Papaya ripening on a tree: Sometimes the fruit forms in odd shapes, but the it still tastes great. (Ann Summa)
The harvest: Not only fresh fruit, but also seeds that can be planted. (Ann Summa)
With pink bougainvillea in bloom behind him, Horacio Fuentes holds a papaya from his Los Angeles garden. Read the full post from our Global Garden series to learn more on Fuentes’ trial-and-error approach to growing the fruit. (Ann Summa)