The Del Rubio Triplets in 1996
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The ‘Outsiders’

The Del Rubio Triplets-Milly, left, Elena and Eadie-at an appearance in Orange County in 1996. Only Milly survives. (AL SCHABEN / Los Angeles Times)
Audiences used to toss soda cans at the Shaggs. (Courtesy of Hans Fenger)
Teacher Hans Fenger, with guitar, and students in Langley project. (Courtesy of Hans Fenger)
“It’s an antidote to what people are hearing on the radioIt’s flawed, but it’s genuine,” said Irwin Chusid, who champions the genre. (FLASH ROSENBERG)
Studio singer Gene Merlino of Camarillo estimates he sang about 10,000 song-poems over 35 years. Here he sings “Be My Shark.” (ANNE CUSACK / Los Angeles Times)