Mud Swimmer
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Down and Dirty on Mud Day

Ashley Nesler, 9, swims in a mud bath at Wayne County’s Mud Day at the Hines Park Nankin Mills Area. (AP)
Heather Raymus hugs her daughter, Kristina, 5, before they lie back in the mud during Wayne County’s Annual Mud Day today in Westland, Mich. (BILL PUGLIANO / Getty Images)
Mikaela Pierce, 7, from Livonia, Mich., stands caked in mud with her cousin Desiree Lucas, right. (BILL PUGLIANO / Getty Images)
Hundreds of children participate in a relay race in Wayne County’s Annual Mud Day in Westland, Mich. The parks department mixed 200 tons of topsoil and 20,000 gallons of water to create a giant mud hole for kids 12 and under to play in. (BILL PUGLIANO / Getty Images)
Simone Gonzalez-Nagy, 9, from Livonia, Mich., reacts to a shot of cold water as a firefighter hoses her down after a romp in the mud. (BILL PUGLIANO / Getty Images)
Brittany Major, 12, of Nassau, Bahamas, gets hosed off after playing in the mud bath. (AP)