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What's behind LAUSD's higher graduation rates?

The Times editorial board examines the Los Angeles Unified School District's "credit recovery" system for students who flunk a class but can still earn the credits to graduate.

L.A. Unified rethinks its online make-up courses

A beaming Michelle King, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, announced last week that the district expected to post its highest

In the search for better graduation rates, schools are fudging the numbers

In 2014, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced a spectacular improvement in its graduation rate: Fully 77% of students who had come in as 9th

What’s really in LAUSD’s online credit recovery courses?

Last year, only half of Los Angeles Unified School District seniors were on track to graduate. But the district turned that around -- using controversial online credit recovery courses.

Are LAUSD students really ready for college?

In a burst of optimism, the Los Angeles Unified school board voted in 2005 to require all students in the district to pass a full set of college-prep courses in