Blast victim
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Hotel bombings on the Sinai Peninsula

Blast victim
A woman wounded in a blast ripped that through the Hilton hotel in Taba is rushed to a hospital in nearby Eilat. (AFP / Israeli TV)
Injured child
An injured child is taken to a hospital following a blast in Taba. (Jo Kot / AFP)
Taba Hilton Hotel
The Hilton Hotel in the Egyption resort town of Taba before today’s blast. (Salah Ibrahim / EPA)
Injured Israeli
A pregnant Israeli woman is helped onto a gurney after being caught in the blast. (Jo Kot / AFP)
Injured child
An injured Israeli child is lifted into a waiting ambulance. (Jo Kot / AFP)
Ambulances cross into the Israeli section of the border between Eilat (Israel) and Taba (Egypt) as they rush to help victims of the blast. (Mori Chen / EPA)
Medics in the Israeli town of Eilat prepare to help bomb victims across the border in Taba, Egypt. (Yehuda Lahiani / AP)