1 a.m. departure: drawn from interviews with Enrique and migrant Hernan Bonilla, who witnessed the departure, as well as Nazario's subsequent observation of the staging area on the south bank of the Rio Grande and her observation of other crossings and pursuits by the U.S. Border Patrol. El Tirindaro's words to Enrique and the two Mexicans about getting caught: from Enrique. Other immigrants told Nazario this is a standard speech smugglers give immigrants before they cross the river.

Drowning in the river: from Enrique and other immigrants, including three at Parroquia de San Jose, which feeds migrants. The immigrants said they watched a youngster named Ricki drown in a whirlpool two nights before.

Number of immigrants caught: from a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service tally of illegal immigrants apprehended in the Laredo, Texas, area during fiscal 2000.

Crossing to the island, then to the United States: from interviews with Enrique and from Nazario's subsequent observation of the island from Enrique's crossing site on the south bank of the river. Instructions by El Tirindaro: from Enrique. Nazario retraced Enrique's steps on both sides of the river and went to the spot where he first touched U.S. soil. She retraced his run along Zacate Creek, past a sewage treatment plant and up an embankment into a residential area on the outskirts of Laredo.

Chevrolet Blazer and Enrique's ride to Dallas: from Enrique. His musings during the ride and the words El Tirindaro used to wake him: from Enrique. Spotting suspect vehicles: from Alexander Hernandez, supervisory agent for the Border Patrol at Cotulla, Texas, during a patrol along the same stretch of highway.

Bypassing the Border Patrol checkpoint: from Enrique and other immigrants who have walked around the checkpoint in similar ways and from Nazario's observations during a visit to the checkpoint. Agents' questions of motorists at the checkpoint: from Nazario's observations when she visited the checkpoint.

Enrique's knowledge of how El Tirindaro and his accomplices split smuggling fees: from Enrique, other immigrants and fellow camp residents Hernan Bonilla and Miguel Olivas.

Enrique's first impressions of the United States: from Enrique. The smugglers' house in Dallas: from Enrique.

Lourdes' life in North Carolina and her photos: from Lourdes, her boyfriend and other immigrants who lived with them. She showed Nazario the photos of her children.

Lourdes' statement that she feared she would never see Enrique again: from her boyfriend, confirmed by Lourdes.

Enrique's calls from Dallas to his mother: from Enrique, his mother and her boyfriend. Lourdes' demand that the smugglers put her son on the line: from Lourdes. Telephone exchange between Lourdes and Enrique when he was in Dallas: from Lourdes, confirmed by Enrique.

Money transfer, Enrique's meal, journey to Florida and his stay in Orlando: from Enrique and Lourdes. Exchange between Lourdes' boyfriend and Enrique as the boyfriend arrived in Florida: from the boyfriend, confirmed by Enrique.

Ride from Florida to North Carolina: from Enrique, Lourdes and her boyfriend and from Nazario's observations as she retraced the North Carolina portion of the trip. Enrique's questions on the drive home: from the boyfriend, confirmed by Enrique.

Reunification and conversations: from Enrique; his sister Diana; Lourdes; and Nazario's observations as Enrique retraced his steps into the house, into the kitchen, down the hallways and into his mother's room.

Exchange between Enrique and Diana: from Diana, confirmed by Enrique.

Exchanges between Lourdes and Enrique when they met and when he showed her his tattoo: from Lourdes, confirmed by Enrique.

Others living in Lourdes' home and the children they left behind: from interviews with Lourdes' boyfriend, the boyfriend's cousin and the cousin's wife.

Relationship between Enrique and his mother, including resentment by immigrant children because they were left behind: from Enrique and Lourdes, as well as Maria Olmos, principal of the Newcomer Center at Belmont High School, a school for immigrants in Los Angeles; Gabriel Murillo, a counselor at Belmont; and Aldo Pumariega, principal of the recently closed Bellagio Road Newcomer School in Los Angeles.

Enrique's job, earnings and purchases: from Nazario's observations.

The birth of Enrique's daughter: from Enrique, Lourdes and Enrique's uncle Carlos Orlando Turcios Ramos in Honduras.

Decision to leave the child behind: from Enrique, Lourdes and girlfriend Maria Isabel Caria Duron. Maria Isabel's words about her child: from Maria Isabel. Nazario also interviewed Maria Isabel's aunt Gloria Cuello Duron.

Enrique's statements about his child: from Enrique.

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