Maps and Statistics

CHAPTER ONE• Home in Honduras
CHAPTER TWO• If at First. . .
 • Trouble on the Train
CHAPTER THREE• Enrique Reaches La Arrocera
CHAPTER FOUR• Help from Strangers
CHAPTER FIVE• Camping on the Rio Grande
CHAPTER SIX• Crossing Into the U.S.
CHAPTER ONE• Immigrant Families Torn Apart
 • Immigrant Mothers Separated From Their Children
CHAPTER TWO• The Unwanted
 • A Traumatic Journey
CHAPTER THREE• Accidents in Chiapas
 • Abuse of Immigrants
 • Abuses in Chiapas
CHAPTER FIVE• Border Arrests
 • Immigrant Deaths Along the U.S.-Mexico Border
CHAPTER SIX• Makeup of the Foreign Population of the U.S.
 • Detained Central American Youth
 • Children Traveling Alone From Mexico and Central America
 • Children Traveling Alone From Around the World

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