Grisly scene
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Attack in Fallouja

Iraqis wave and chant anti-American slogans as the charred and mutilated remains of two U.S. contract security workers hang from ropes on a bridge over the Euphrates River in Fallouja. (AP)
Iraqis chant and dance atop one of two vehicles in which four American contract employees were attacked and killed in Fallouja. Some residents called the incident a response to a deadly recent firefight between local insurgents and U.S. Marines. (AFP)
An Iraqi man stands close to a charred human limb tied to a brick thrown onto a power line in Fallouja. (Karim Sahib / Getty Images)
An Iraqi boy holds a leaflet in broken English that reads “Fallouja , the cemetery of the Americans.” (AFP / Getty Images)
Iraqis hit and kick a burning car that was ambushed in Fallouja. Four American contractors were killed. (AFP / Getty Images)
An Iraqi smashes at a body with a shovel in Fallouja as one of the vehicles carrying Americans burns. A North Carolina-based security company said the victims worked for the firm. The assault came hours after five U.S. soldiers were killed about 12 miles away by a powerful roadside bomb that hit their armored personnel carrier. (AFP)