Winter storm
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Ice storm hits Central U.S.

Pedestrians brace against the cold and snow in Denver. A storm moved into Colorado overnight, with up to 2 feet of snow forecast for some areas of the state. (Ed Andrieski / Associated Press)
With snow shovel in hand, Rick Salez walks to an elderly friend’s house to help clear walkways. (Ed Andrieski / Associated Press)
Ione Norby, 77, shovels snow from her walk in Denver. (Ed Andrieski / Associated Press)
Icicles fringe a mailbox in Kirksville, Mo. (Al Maglio / Associated Press)
American flags are coated with ice Monday along Interstate 72 in rural Winchester, Ill. The first wave of an ice storm swept through the region Sunday, and 4,000 customers were without power in the Jacksonville area Monday. A second wave of ice was expected Tuesday. (Steve Warmowski / Jacksonville Journal-Courier)
A sign at a Home Depot in Oklahoma City lets customers know what the store has run out of. With no power, it was operating on a cash-only basis. (Associated Press)
Shoppers in Oklahoma City stock up. A winter storm has coated much of Oklahoma in ice, knocking out power to more than 400,000 homes and businesses. (Associated Press)
Branches snapped by an ice storm lie in a heap in a residential area of Oklahoma City. (Associated Press)
Mike Savage, a meter technician for the power company in Oklahoma City, rolls up a downed line after capping it to make it safe. (Associated Press)
Tree limbs weighed down by ice rest on a car in Oklahoma City. (Associated Press)
Michael Eberie of Kirksville, Mo., scrapes ice off his windshield. (Al Maglio / Associated Press)
Poinsettias in the front yard of an Oklahoma City home have an icy glaze. (Associated Press)