Poet’s bust
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Recovered Treasures

Poet’s bust
A plaster decoration that once hung in a Kushan king’s palace dates back 2,000 years. (Fredrik Hiebert / National Geographic)
Bactrian gold
A brooch of the goddess Aphrodite points to the influence of Greeks and other civilizations in Afghanistan’s history (Kenneth Garrett / National Geographic)
Enlightened being
A gilded clay bodhisattva is part of the stashed treasures from Kabul Museum. (Fredrik Hiebert / National Geographic)
Well preserved
An ivory panel depicting palace life in Begram, the Kushan capital, is among the museum artifacts that were safely stashed away by curators. (Fredrik Hiebert / National Geographic)
Portrait gallery
These coins are part of the Bactrian collection, which was unearthed in northern Afghanistan in 1978. (Fredrik Hiebert / National Geographic)