After School Special

(Mark Cevallos AKA "Bad Guy" rapping) It was like yesterday I woke up for 9th grade and not so long from now we're going to graduate It's the end of our high school career I really wish we could go back just a couple of years it went from a tree full of people to a bench full of dust now I look back at the spot and I see none of us but it's cool we're a family the Outsiders will always be remember who were we're making history no one understands how we stay together I tell them we're brothers and life isn't the same without each other we're systematic chillin' without each other became a good habit over the years got into some bad traffic got out of the jam to make it through the scuffles sold sodas with David Will said we had to hustle had some good times even though we got in trouble just thinking about it makes my stomach want to bubble. I know were all not going to make it on stage But don't close the book This ain't the last page I'm really gonna miss all the friends that I had If I don't see you again goodbye and too bad but what can we do that's the way that life goes ROP at Michael's I'm going psycho you said that I won't make it I'm gonna be alright though I'm not the one dying to shine wearing rhinestones

(Edgar Landeros AKA "Visions" rapping) As it sit back reminiscing Visualizing the school, I saw a prison So those days I kept ditching Making money was my way of living Catch me broke You must be tripping I was hard headed Didn't listen I was more focused on my own vision Trying not to get blinded by these drama bitches But drama comes and goes But the Outsiders remain As this blood flows through my veins I'll be composing in my grave Parties yeah we changed the game As our friends changed shit always stayed the same till this fucking day so as our friends get thinner and our group gets bigger play the position bitch we the winners

(group chorus) Outsiders got a story to tell school is over you heard the sound of the bell gotta say goodbye to everyone else keep that picture on your mind and that portrait on your shelf Outsiders got a story to tell school is over you heard the sound of that bell gotta say goodbye to everyone else teachers tried to change me but it didn't help

(Andy Hurtarte rapping) I lay and I pray for our Outsiders race till judgment day it's Outsiders it's on my grave I got love for each one of you I look at it from all the bullshit that we been through Other than my family I got something to lose What's that? It's all you fools Graduation for some It's already here I'm not emotional But I'm about to break down in tears But you know how I'll celebrate I'm popping off some beers Outsiders love Remember this Cheers

(Mark Cevallos rapping) I have friends that go back to the second grade And now that school's finishing That's starting to fade We took advantage of our time Back then we were made No problems no worries Just trying to get laid

(Polo "Da Beast" Morales rapping) Yo, Congratulations to the graduates of 2005 For all of you who didn't make it Keep your head up You got things going on in your life Never accept failure good luck much love Da Beast Da Outsiders We out

(Mark Cevallos rapping) Even the girls were trying to get some Cuz drugs and alcohol made everything fun Now that time is ending We're looking at the past We didn't do much We still had a blast acting like fools getting harassed attending kick backs and getting some ass Lost my virginity next to my best friend shit like that really never happens again you gotta cherish the moments cherish the time cherish your friends I know I cherish mine to all the ugly girls in elementary that ended up fine hope I see you around goodbye

(Polo "Da Beast" Morales rapping) I must say that high school had its ups and downs but way more smiles you would never see me carrying a frown and on May 21st homey, I put on that crown there were many moments that I can't even remember just chilling at home getting ready for September getting ready for the classes that I thought I would hate and now I'm walking the stage getting ready to graduate it's gonna be sad to see all my homies go but it's part of growing up if you kids didn't know I will never forget all the great moments that we had all the Outsiders chilling at Edgar's pad going to Del Taco every day after school chilling with G-Rocks, Bad Guy and Dat Foo We were local celebrities pimping bitches from Kennedy and now look at us we're on top of our game we didn't ask for shit but the fame just came chilling with reporters from the LA Times coming to the crib just so they can hear us rhyme now let me put an end to this rap to this story for the Outsiders, man it is nothing but glory we came from the bottom and now we're on top look at us, man we're the cream of the crop from throwing parties that were for sure to be cracking now look at us we're doing our thing rapping from the Outsiders to the class of '05 much love stay up and goodbye