After School Special

(Mark Cevallos AKA "Bad Guy" rapping)It was like yesterday I woke up for 9th gradeand not so long from nowwe're going to graduateIt's the end of our high school careerI really wish we could go backjust a couple of yearsit went from a tree full of peopleto a bench full of dustnow I look back at the spot and I see none of usbut it's cool we're a familythe Outsiders will always beremember who werewe're making historyno one understands how we stay togetherI tell them we're brothers and life isn't the same without each otherwe're systematic chillin' without each otherbecame a good habitover the years got into some bad trafficgot out of the jamto make it through the scufflessold sodas with DavidWill said we had to hustlehad some good timeseven though we got in troublejust thinking about it makes my stomach want to bubble.I know were all not going to make it on stageBut don't close the bookThis ain't the last pageI'm really gonna miss all the friends that I hadIf I don't see you againgoodbye and too badbut what can we dothat's the way that life goesROP at Michael'sI'm going psychoyou said that I won't make itI'm gonna be alright thoughI'm not the one dying to shinewearing rhinestones

(Edgar Landeros AKA "Visions" rapping)As it sit back reminiscingVisualizing the school, I saw a prisonSo those days I kept ditchingMaking money was my way of livingCatch me brokeYou must be trippingI was hard headedDidn't listenI was more focused on my own visionTrying not to get blinded by these drama bitchesBut drama comes and goesBut the Outsiders remainAs this blood flows through my veinsI'll be composing in my graveParties yeah we changed the gameAs our friends changedshit always stayed the sametill this fucking dayso as our friends get thinnerand our group gets biggerplay the positionbitch we the winners

(group chorus)Outsiders got a story to tell school is over you heard the sound of the bell gotta say goodbyeto everyone elsekeep that picture on your mind and that portrait on your shelfOutsiders got a story to tellschool is overyou heard the sound of that bellgotta say goodbyeto everyone elseteachers tried to change mebut it didn't help

(Andy Hurtarte rapping)I lay and I prayfor our Outsiders racetill judgment dayit's Outsidersit's on my graveI got love for each one of youI look at it from all the bullshit that we been throughOther than my family I got something to loseWhat's that?It's all you foolsGraduation for someIt's already hereI'm not emotionalBut I'm about to break down in tears But you knowhow I'll celebrateI'm popping off some beersOutsiders loveRemember thisCheers

(Mark Cevallos rapping)I have friends that go back to the second gradeAnd now that school's finishingThat's starting to fadeWe took advantage of our timeBack then we were madeNo problems no worries Just trying to get laid

(Polo "Da Beast" Morales rapping)Yo, Congratulations to the graduates of 2005For all of you who didn't make itKeep your head upYou got things going on in your lifeNever accept failuregood luckmuch loveDa BeastDa OutsidersWe out

(Mark Cevallos rapping)Even the girls were trying to get someCuz drugs and alcohol made everything funNow that time is endingWe're looking at the pastWe didn't do muchWe still had a blastacting like foolsgetting harassedattending kick backsand getting some assLost my virginitynext to my best friendshit like that really never happens againyou gotta cherish the momentscherish the timecherish your friendsI know I cherish mineto all the ugly girlsin elementary that ended up finehope I see you aroundgoodbye

(Polo "Da Beast" Morales rapping)I must say that high school had its ups and downsbut way more smilesyou would never see me carrying a frownand on May 21sthomey, I put on that crownthere were many moments that I can't even rememberjust chilling at home getting ready for Septembergetting ready for the classesthat I thought I would hateand now I'm walking the stage getting ready to graduateit's gonna be sad to see all my homies gobut it's part of growing up if you kids didn't knowI will never forget all the great moments that we hadall the Outsiders chilling at Edgar's padgoing to Del Taco every day after schoolchilling with G-Rocks, Bad Guy and Dat FooWe were local celebrities pimping bitches from Kennedyand now look at us we're on top of our gamewe didn't ask for shitbut the fame just camechilling with reporters from the LA Timescoming to the crib just so they can hear us rhymenow let me put an end to this rapto this storyfor the Outsiders, manit is nothing but glorywe came from the bottomand now we're on toplook at us, manwe're the cream of the cropfrom throwing partiesthat were for sure to be crackingnow look at uswe're doing our thing rappingfrom the Outsiders to the class of '05much love stay upand goodbye

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