L.A. schools revisited


Does the L.A. Unified School District allow its students enough flexibility to leave failing schools? Why is the dropout rate so high? Is the expansive district breaking itself up? All week, Reason Foundation’s Lisa Snell debates former L.A. Board of Education member David Tokofsky.

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    Troubled Crenshaw and Westchester high schools have taken more control over their campuses from the district. If they succeed, and if more schools become charters (like Locke High School), would that suggest L.A. Unified could be better off broken up? Lisa Snell and David Tokofsky conclude their debate.

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    L.A. Unified students perform well in elementary school; so why is the district’s dropout rate so high? Should we be concerned about a high dropout rate, or does attrition of unmotivated students help motivated students? David Tokofsky and Lisa Snell debate.

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    Are school vouchers a reform that could save poor students, or a crackpot idea that’s also dangerous for public education? Lisa Snell and David Tokofsky debate.

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    How would you assess the union’s current leadership, and what should its role be in improving Los Angeles schools? David Tokofsky and Lisa Snell debate.

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    Does the Los Angeles Unified School District provide enough choices for its customers? How can the district make it as easy as possible for students to exit failing schools and attend successful schools? Lisa Snell and David Tokofsky debate.