Israel at 60


This month, the Middle East’s only western-style democracy celebrates its 60th anniversary. All week, UCLA’s Judea Pearl and UC Hastings law professor George Bisharat look back at the last six decades of Israeli-Palestinian relations, discuss what the future holds for the region, and share their own compelling personal connections to the Holy Land.

  • 1

    Judea Pearl recounts his family’s emigration from Poland to Palestine in 1924 to rebuild an ancient city. George E. Bisharat tells of his Palestinian grandfather’s hospitality before his West Jerusalem home was expropriated by Israel in 1948.

  • 2

    George E. Bisharat says the U.S. injected itself into the peace process by serving as Israel’s abettor of Palestinian suffering. Judea Pearl replies that Palestinians ought to be honest about what they want — be it one state or two states.

  • 3

    Judea Pearl says a single state in the region is unacceptable, as Israeli Jews see it as a threat to their security. George E. Bisharat replies that one multiethnic, secular state provides a better shot at a durable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

  • 4

    George E. Bisharat says the former president assumed the pragmatist role that the Bush administration refuses to play. Judea Pearl sees wishful thinking behind Carter’s actions, as well as a willingness to accept terrorism as a legitimate tactic.

  • 5

    Judea Pearl says early Zionists acted in good faith to coexist peacefully with Palestinians. George E. Bisharat replies that all partition efforts before Israel was established in 1948 treated Palestinians unfairly.