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Far above the glass ceiling

Arlene Blum during her ascent of Denali in 1970. She and a teammate were the first American women to attempt Mt. Everest. (Faye Kerr)
Sharp focus
Annie Whitehouse rappels through giant icicles on Annapurna. Whitehouse was one of the women in Arlene Blum’s first all-female team to climb the Himalayan peak in 1978. (Arlene Blum)
Arlene Blum, author of Breaking Trail. “Cresting the ridge at 16,000 feet, I was in a world of brilliant light and ice. Climbing up it was an extreme meditation. Where I placed my foot determined if I lived or died.” Pictured in the photo is Margaret Clark on the first women’s ascent of Dinali in 1970. (Arlene Blum)
Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life by Alene Blum ()