Zipper design
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Mountain huts

Zipper design
The view of the entrance to OceanD’s mountain tent shows its undulating outline featuring a solar cell roof membrane that responds to varying light levels. (Renderings courtesy of OceanD)
Zipper design
The spacious, airy interior is center of OceanD’s mountain tent. (Renderings courtesy of OceanD)
Zipper design
A view of the structure looking east into Big Pine Canyon. The Glacier Lodge site was selected because of its public visibility near Highway 395 and Palisades Glacier. (Renderings courtesy of OceanD)
Site specific
The exterior of the winning design, by Berrel Architekten of Basel, Switzerland, is coated with a sticky substance into which gravel from the immediate area would be pressed, integrating the hut into its surroundings. (Renderings courtesy of Berrel Architekten)
Site specific
The upper floors, right, have “sleeping windows” — sills deep enough for a sleeping bag or pad — to give sheltered lodgers a sense of the outdoors. (Renderings courtesy of Berrel Architekten)
Getting together
The submission from Ellipsis a+d, left, was commended for its use of sustainable systems and for its careful positioning on the site. (Terraswarm)
Terraswarm’s mountain hut is made of logs. (Terraswarm)
The granddaddy
The design contest solicited entries for buildings that would replace the original Glacier Lodge near Big Pine, Calif., which was destroyed by fire in 1998. (H.W. Mendenhall)