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How to tame a dark and/or stormy night

Short and tall, heavy and light, LED lanterns burn brightly when the moon opts to keep a low profile.

Three ultra-bright bulbs, rotates to create lantern, spotlight or flashlight, 180 hours using one bulb or 60 hours using all three. Five inches tall, 3.4 ounces with three AAA batteries (included). $22. (877) 264-4526,

Text by Scott Doggett
Photographs by Eric Boyd ()
Six ultra-bright bulbs, AM/FM radio with auto scan and 20 presets, three light options (white, red and flashing red). Seven and a half inches tall, 10.4 ounces with four AA batteries (extra). $40. (800) 344-4444,
Thirty-six standard bulbs, 24 hours’ use per charge, 12-hour charge time from depleted lithium battery, 500-plus charges per unit, very durable. Nine inches tall, 32.6 ounces with replaceable battery. $110. (800) 579-4875,
LAMPLIGHT Single ultra-bright bulb, 200 hours’ use on three AAA batteries. Like all bulbs here, this one’s likely to outlive you. Only 4 ¼ inches tall, flyweight at 2.9 ounces with batteries (included). $20. (800) 443-4871,
Only lantern here with a dimmer switch (a great feature), 12 ultra-bright bulbs, up to 40 hours’ use at brightest setting on four D batteries (not included). 8 ¾ inches tall, 39 ounces. $50. (800) 582-3861,