SOG T60 TiNi Powerlock
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The utility player

When asked, “What one thing would you bring to a deserted island?,” your answer should be four words: multipurpose stainless steel tool.

SOG T60 TiNi Powerlock
Interlocking gears generate more plier-gripping, wire-cutting and wire-crimping power. Tool components lock in place — a safety plus. Color comes from titanium nitride coating that protects steel. $110. (888) 764-2378, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Victorinox SwissTool
Made by the folks who’ve made Swiss Army Knives since 1897, the SwissTool features one-step access to tools (no having to open the pliers first) and springs that prevent tools from clumping. $85 (800) 442-2706, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Schrade Tough Tool ST1N
Provides immediate access to an array of tools. Not all components lock in place, but ones that should do. An innovative design, but absence of scissors is a drawback. $80 (800) 272-4723, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Leatherman Wave
The most-popular full-sized tool of the many made by Tim Leatherman, founder of the multipurpose tool. Pluses include access to four locking blades without opening tool, but not all tool components lock in place. 8 oz. $100. (800) 762-3611, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Pro Scout
The blunt-nose version of this tool features pliers that open with an advertised “flick of the wrist” (if you’ve got Bruce Lee-like moves) and doesn’t always close without hassle. No other faults. 8.6 oz. $72. (800) 950-6161, (Eric Boyd / LAT)