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Ruff and ready

The following boots were tested by Sky, a canine pal of staff writer Robert Burns, and five of Sky’s running mates (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Lucky dog
“A good dog will heel, but dogs don’t have heels,” someone should tell the maker of these boots, which seemed designed for a robotic dog. Also, the slick bottoms offered little traction. Four sizes, one color. $30. (800) 805-2001, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
My paws
These boots provided the best traction, but after two days of testing, developed holes and the straps were confusing. Eight sizes, one color. From $35. (800) 805-2001, www.seniorpet (Eric Boyd / LAT)
All weather
The stretchy fabric atop the boots did a fine job of keeping the grit out and seemed comfortable for the dog. However, the boots tended to rotate on the paw in use. Eight sizes, one color. From $31.50. (877) 796-3539, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
3D bark’n boots
These RuffWear boots were easy to put on; they stayed on well and proved most durable. But they lacked traction, withheld water after a creek crossing and filled with grit. Best of the litter. Six sizes, three colors. $38. (888) 783-3932, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
The traction was so bad one owner wouldn’t put UltraPaws on his pet on steep trails. A pity, because the boots were the easiest to affix and remained on the best. Six sizes, one color. $37. (800) 355-5575, (Eric Boyd / LAT)