Brad Oscar
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The Producers

Brad Oscar
Brad Oscar en route to a matinee of “The Producers.” The former understudy now has his name on the marquee. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
In the dressing room
Oscar dresses for the role of “Max Bialystock” in his dressing room before a recent matinee. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
The new Playbill
The Playbill reflects the new stars. (ARI MINTZ)
Brad Oscar and Steven Weber
Oscar, left, stars with Steven Weber, who plays the neophyte Leo Bloom. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
Brad Oscar and Steven Weber
Brad Oscar, left, and Steven Weber have replaced Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in “The Producers.” (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
Curtain call
Oscar exits the stage after a curtain call with co-stars Gary Beach and Cady Huffman. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
A spent actor
A spent Oscar climbs to his dressing room after a performance, which involves hours on stage. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
The actor’s sink
Kitsch and toiletries surround the actor’s dressing room sink, at the St. James Theatre. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
Oscar and Weber
Oscar and co-star Steven Weber, right, followoing a matinee. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
Accolades from a fan
Brad Oscar receives accolades from a fan, as his sister, Victoria, waits nearby. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)
Brad Oscar
Oscar preps for another performance. He appears eight times a week as Max Bialystock. (ARI MINTZ / For The Times)