Animals' captivity rankles readers

Regarding "In Touch With the Life Aquatic" [News, Tips & Bargains, April 24]: Growing up, I used to love going to parks that allowed humans to interact with animals. As an adult and after educating myself about them, I know better. Marine life quite simply should be left alone in the ocean, sea or river.

An amusement park is the absolute last place that should be having dolphins, penguins or any other type of animal. Amusement parks should be limited to rides, food, shows.

Animals were not put on this planet as entertainment or amusement for humans. Too much of the time these creatures are abused and not taken care of. I only hope that one day amusement parks will be banned from owning animals.

Tia Triplett

Los Angeles


What Jane Engle describes as a two-acre tropical habitat, to the animals that live there is a prison. Marine animals do not belong in "marine parks" where they are denied the spaciousness of the ocean, the social relationships with others of their species and the natural foods, habitats and place in the ecosystem. It saddens me every time I drive through Vallejo to think of intelligent mammals imprisoned for their "entertainment" value.

Patti Breitman

Fairfax, Calif.