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This week in Travel - Jan. 1, 2006

The Campton Place Hotel restaurant participates in San Francisco’s Dine About Town program. (Kim Kulish / For The Times)
Mountain backdrop
The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson has two golf courses and an award-winning restaurant. (Loews)
A cruise liner docks near the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose’s old home in Long Beach, which earned an 18. (Andy Newman / AP)
Circus in town
Cirque Hawaii opens in Waikiki on Jan. 18 with performers such as Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg. (Cirque Hawaii)
Cartography central
Stacks of paper maps are still kept in the offices of the Ordnance Survey in England. But the organization has gone digital. Its huge database of maps is updated daily. (Susan Spano / LAT)
View from on high
A tram above the city of Salta affords expansive views of this populated part of the province. But much of this remote area of northwestern Argentina remains uninhabited. (Barbara Hansen / LAT)
Stop and shop
Bright crafts and clothing are among the items on display at an open-air market in Purmamarca, on the old trail to Peru. (Argentina Tourism)
Scraping the night sky
The ornate San Francisco Church glows after dark in Salta. The province’s pleasant capital city, founded in 1582, is a convenient base for day trips into the surrounding countryside. (Michael Taylor / Lonely Planet)
Post-tsunami economy
With fewer tourists to Phuket Island in southern Thailand, earning a living is especially difficult for independent vendors at Patong Beach, above. Ibrahim Ngankaeng, below right, lost his wife and two grandsons, as well as his restaurant. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
One year later
Ibrahim Ngankaeng lost his wife and two grandsons, as well as his restaurant in the 2004 Tsunami. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
On Phi Phi Don, southeast of Phuket, Thailand, traditional long-tail boats are beached at Ton Sai Bay. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
The Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Thailand (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Patong Beach, Thailand (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
Maze of rivers
Around the bend El Questro Station is veined by an astonishing maze of rivers, broad tidal flats and twisting gorges, many of them sheltering beautiful billabongs (ponds). (Tourism Western Australia)
Helicopter over the Bungle Bungle Range
Heaven sent If you’d like a waterhole all to yourself, El Questro’s helicopter will drop you off at the Miri Miri Falls and come back an hour or two later; allow a week if you want to get there and back on foot. (Tourism Western Australia)
Prine Regent River
Hike the gorges The area’s gorges have a Jekyll-and-Hyde character - sometimes harsh and difficult, other times serene. But driving or walking through them or simply sitting back and admiring their red-rock splendor is a big part of the allure of El Questro. The rock art is another, some of it is so unusual that experts still argue about its history. (Tourism Western Australia)
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PG17-C Gemini Case
Get fresh
Close your toothbrush in the Violight unit and it glows blue as ultraviolet rays kill germs, the company says. (Vio)