Celebrate the acts of kindness you’ve seen by sharing them with us

Kindness can go a long way in these times.

Good-hearted Californians always rise to the occasion in troubled times, and so they have in the age of coronavirus. Across such online platforms as NextDoor, we see people offering to help shut-in neighbors. On other social media, encouraging words and bits of humor are shared. On that all-important grocery store run, one stranger cedes the last rolls of toilet paper to another.

We’d like to hear more about the acts of kindness, small and large, that you’ve witnessed or performed. They are the network of hope that may come to define this era as one of kinship and kindness.

Fill out the form below (first and last name, please) and tell us about those life-affirming moments. Share your photos too. You can also email your response to or leave a comment at the bottom of this story.