2020 was a dud. But fashion wasn’t. Here are 4 favorites

An illustration of three women wearing tie-dye, a crocheted sweater and masks.
(Bijou Karman / For The Times)
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2020 — what a year. Or better yet, this is how writer Max Berlinger describes it in one of the stories below: “This year has been a laundry list of bad news: a raging pandemic, escalating racial tensions, a faltering economy, wildfires brought on by a warming planet and a contentious election, to name some of the pressing issues facing the country.”

However, there were glimmers of the Before Times as we found solace in nostalgia and rediscovered our affinity for tie-dye, clunky Crocs, roller skates and crocheting. At the very least, these brought us moments of joy and comfort in a troubling year.

Here you’ll find some of the things we loved about 2020 in fashion and style. For more fashion content, visit