Bell Scandal: A Times Investigation

Bell Scandal: A Times Investigation
Portraits of Bell's City Council members and mayor hang inside City Hall, left. At right are former city manager Robert Rizzo and assistant city manager Angela Spaccia.
Is a city manager worth $800,000?

Bell isn't a big town, or a wealthy one. But some of its top officials are paid double or triple the salaries of their counterparts elsewhere.

How Bell hit bottom

The new boss kept his office spartan and impersonal, the walls stripped of photos, the desk conveying no hint of his life beyond the red-brick walls of City

Bell council used little-noticed ballot measure to skirt state salary limits

The highly paid members of the Bell City Council were able to exempt themselves from state salary limits by placing a city charter on the ballot in a

Bell leaders hauled off in cuffs

Eight current and former Bell city leaders were arrested Tuesday on charges of misappropriating more than $5.5 million from the small, working-class community

Bell's Rizzo sentenced to 12 years in prison

L.A. County judge also orders the former Bell administrator to pay the city nearly $9 million in restitution.

Former Bell second-in-command gets 11 years in prison for corruption

Angela Spaccia is the first ex-Bell official to be sentenced in the municipal corruption case. She also must pay the city $8 million.

Arts blossom in a 'garage salon' in Bell

Pleas close a chapter in Bell corruption scandal

Five former Bell council members plead no contest to misappropriating public funds, ending prosecutions in the corruption case.

Ex-Bell council members must decide on plea deal

Thursday is the deadline for five former Bell council members facing retrial on corruption charges to accept plea deal.

Rizzo gets 12 years in prison, marking end to scandal that rocked Bell

Bell's Robert Rizzo could testify at sentencing of Angela Spaccia

Attorney for Rizzo's former assistant says he will subpoena the ex-city administrator, who has never discussed the case publicly.

Bell corruption: Rizzo gets 33 months for tax fraud

Bell corruption: Rizzo gets 33 months for tax fraud

Former Bell leaders request more time to consider plea deal

The five former Bell council members now have until early April to consider a four-year prison deal in exchange for guilty pleas.

Former Bell council members weigh deal for guilty pleas

After prosecutor offers 4-year prison terms for guilty pleas, ex-Bell heads must agree on whether to accept or again stand trial.

Former Bell administrator Robert Rizzo pleads guilty to tax charges

Guilty plea is part of attorney's strategy to ensure Robert Rizzo serves sentence in federal prison for nonviolent offenders.

In Spaccia defense, a simple premise: Her high pay wasn't a crime

Was former Bell official Angela Spaccia's claim that she was an unwitting participant in boss Rizzo's crimes convincing? The jury's still out.

Several documents point to questionable action in Bell

Prosecutors in Bell corruption case confront Angela Spaccia about city contracts approval, loans and a deal with her son's firm.

Corruption-scarred Bell finds itself on better financial footing

The city's gotten $5.5 million in legal settlements and sold $15.5 million worth of property.

In a surprise move, former Bell police chief says he'll testify

Randy Adams, who had invoked the 5th Amendment in previous court appearances, will be a defense witness in the trial of former Bell official Angela Spaccia.

Bell's Spaccia reached out to D.A.'s office during Maywood inquiry

Bell administrator Angela Spaccia left phone messages with the D.A.'s office while also filling in as city manager of Maywood.

Bell's Spaccia, prosecutor have tense exchange over benefits, sick leave

The former assistant city manager continued to draw her full salary and benefits while taking time off to care for an ailing grandfather and son.