Santa Barbara oil spill

An oil spill poured thousands of gallons of crude into the waters off Santa Barbara County on May 19, covering about nine miles of coastline. Government officials, environmental experts and residents will be dealing with the spill for some time to come.

Officials: Cost to clean oiled Santa Barbara beaches exceeds $60 million

Cleaning up the thousands of gallons of crude oil that spilled into the Pacific Ocean near Refugio State Beach on May 19 has cost more than $60 million,

Santa Barbara County official rejects plan to move crude oil by truck

A Santa Barbara County official has rejected a proposal by Exxon Mobil to send a fleet of 6,720-gallon trucks on as many as 192 daily trips on U.S. 101 while

Santa Barbara spill is prime suspect in L.A.-area tar balls

Tests to confirm the source of tar balls that have washed up on Los Angeles County beaches could take weeks.

State Senate votes to ban new oil drilling off Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara oil spill: Pipeline operator has long record of problems

Plains Pipeline, whose oil pipe ruptured in Santa Barbara County, has high rate of safety and maintenance infractions.