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JetBlue fleet: An article in the April 5 Business section on how a fuselage crack on a Southwest Airlines jet could delay the company's expansion plans said the incident drew attention to the heavy reliance on older planes by low-cost airlines such as Southwest, JetBlue and others. In fact, JetBlue has one of the youngest domestic fleets of all major airlines, with an average age of 5.4 years.

Homer Smith: The obituary of former college football coach Homer Smith in the April 13 LATExtra section misspelled the Latin phrase Smith quoted after a 1989 comeback victory. He said "Deo gratias," meaning "thanks be to God," not "Deo gratis."

Ray Davies: An article in the April 9 Calendar section about singer Ray Davies' new album misattributed a quote about Davies' influence. It was Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons, not Ted Dwane, who said: "The bands that influenced me to start songwriting, like Blur, were influenced by the Kinks. Ray stays true to his roots: He's heralded as the great British songwriter because his songs come from that genuine experience. Someone from Nebraska can still relate to 'Till the End of the Day,' but if you're British, it's a treat to really understand the references."

"Arthur": A review of "Arthur" in the April 8 Calendar section said that the film's director of photography, Uta Briesewitz, "keeps his distance." Briesewitz is a woman.

Clippers basketball: In the April 9 Sports section, an article about the Clippers' loss to the Dallas Mavericks said guard Corey Brewer had sat out nine games and scored a total of 38 points in another nine since joining the Mavericks on March 31. Brewer joined the team March 3.

Protest songs: In the April 7 Calendar section, a review of the book "33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday to Green Day" referred to Bob Dylan playing at the Newport Jazz Festival. Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival. Also, the review misspelled the first name of singer Gram Parsons as Graham.

Country music awards: A Ministry of Gossip item in the April 10 Calendar section about the Academy of Country Music Awards misspelled singer Reba McEntire's last name as McIntyre.

Glenn Ford: An article in the April 11 Calendar section about Glenn Ford and a new biography about the actor by his son Peter misspelled the first name of director Delmer Daves as Delmar.

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