Donations made to California Charter Schools Assn. Advocates


A small group of donors contributed to California Charter Schools Assn. Advocates, which then transferred much of the money to an affiliated political-action committee that supported candidates in the 2015 Los Angeles Board of Education elections. The full list of 2015 donations was not disclosed to state regulators till after the May elections.

Donor 2015 Donations* 2014 Donations
Michael R. Bloomberg $350,000 $250,000
Eli Broad $50,000 $305,000
Emerson Collective $150,000 $0
Doris Fisher $750,000 $550,000
Barbara Grimm $500,000 $586,400
Reed Hastings $0 $1.5 million
Carrie W. Penner $150,000 $470,000
Richard Riordan $0 $50,000
John H. and Regina Scully $100,000 $400,000
Jim Walton $225,000 $250,000

*2015 donations are current through June 15.

Source: Records filed with the California Secretary of State