Gay marriage ban: A tale of two votes

The first vote was cast before gay marriage was legal anywhere in the nation. Eight years later, both Massachusetts and California allowed same-sex couples to wed. Whether gays should marry was now a cultural battleground. Polls showed young voters overwhelmingly for gay marriage. Older voters, churchgoers and African Americans tended to be strongly against. The two sides fighting over Proposition 8 raised more than $83 million in the nation's costliest ballot measure this year.

Reporting: Maloy Moore and Megan Garvey | Flash: Sean Connelley

Votes on Proposition 8 as reported to the California secretary of state by Nov. 5. County registrars have until Dec. 2 to report final votes counts. At least 1.6 million votes were uncounted the day after the election, officials said. Additional data also from the secretary of state.