Avalon Harbor
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Catalina fire: Day 1

Avalon Harbor
Avalon Harbor at the waterfront on Catalina Island. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
On the phone
Juan Barahona talks to the mainland while fire burns behind him in Avalon Harbor. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Avalon - Santa Catalina Island resident
Santa Catalina Island resident Carlos de la Rosa watches as fire races through the middle of the island. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
catalina - Jose and wife
Jose Maria Pedroza and his wife Esperanza arrive in Long Beach after being evacuated. (Lawrence K. Ho / LAT)
catalina - evacuation
Evacuee Josephina Hernandez holds her 2-year-old son Axel at the center waiting for transportation to the overnight shelter. (Lawrence K. Ho / LAT)
Avalon - firefighters
Los Angeles County firefighters organize to control the fire on Santa Catalina Island. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Avalon - Navy hovercraft
A Navy hovercraft arrives from Camp Pendleton to assist with the blaze and evacuations. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Avalon - firefighter Scott Ross
Los Angeles County firefighter Scott Ross walks along Chimes Tower Road as the fire burns out of control. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Avalon - Catalina
People evacuate the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Fire threatens town
A 1,000 acre brush fire burns toward the city of Avalon. The fire threatened the town, prompting authorities to evacuate the west side of the island community. (Jeff Stanford)
Avalon - firemen arrive
L.A. County and L.A. city firemen arrive on a Coast Guard boat to Avalon. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Avalon - plane
A plane drops fire retardant on Avalon as the flames advance. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Avalon - masked
People waiting to evacuate the island try to avoid breathing smoke from the fire. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Avalon - evacuate
People evacuate the city of Avalon on Catalina Island as a fire burns toward the town. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
From the pier
A view of the fire from the pier at Avalon in Catalina Island. (Jeff Stanford)
Avalon - island
A plume of smoke from the 1,000 acre brush fire burning on Catalina blows across the Island. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)