‘The Hunger’ (1997-2000)
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Tony Scott: The director’s TV legacy

‘The Hunger’ (1997-2000)
“The Hunger” was Tony Scott’s first feature as a director, so it was fitting that his first major foray into series television was as executive producer and sometime director of the horror anthology series, “The Hunger.” Though the film was about vampires, the series could be described as a more wide-ranging look at the horror genre, with Scott himself directing the season premieres for both seasons. David Bowie, star of the film “The Hunger,” returned to the fold to play host for the series’ second season. Though it was never a huge hit on TV, the series has gone on to cult success. (Showtime)
‘AFP: American Fighter Pilot’ (2002)
Tony Scott returned to the world of his first huge box office hit, “Top Gun,” for this short-lived reality series about Air Force officers in training to become fighter pilots. The series, which was also executive produced by Tony’s brother, Ridley, lasted just two episodes on CBS before getting cancelled.  (CBS)
‘Numb3rs’ (2005-2010)
Tony and Ridley Scott served as executive producers of this police procedural, which featured David Krumholtz as a math genius. Tony directed one episode, the fourth season premiere, “Trust Metric.” After the director’s passing Krumholtz wrote a remembrance on Twitter about the director’s boundless energy and generous spending on his episode. (Sonya Fleming / CBS)
‘The Andromeda Strain’ (2008)
Tony and Ridley Scott had success remaking Michael Crichton’s 1969 virus thriller into a miniseries for A&E. Though the miniseries was largely panned by critics, it got high ratings, making it the second most-watched program ever on A&E at the time, with 5 million viewers for the second part of the miniseries. ()
‘Into the Storm’ (2009)
Together, Tony and Ridley Scott produced several well-received TV movies, including “RKO 281,” “Nomads” and “Into the Storm,” which earned star Brendan Gleeson, left, an Emmy for playing Winston Churchill. (Susan Allnutt / HBO)
‘The Good Wife’ (2009-present)
The legal drama starring Julianna Margulies, right, continues to air on CBS. It has been nominated for 21 Emmys in its first three seasons. (Giovanni Rufino / CBS)
‘The Pillars of the Earth’ (2010)
Novelist Ken Follett’s immense 1989 novel about the construction of a cathedral in 12th century England became the basis for Tony and Ridley Scott’s eight-part TV miniseries in 2010. The miniseries starring Ian McShane was nominated for seven Emmy awards and won one. The Scotts set about adapting Follett’s follow-up novel, “World Without End,” which is due to debut on the Reelz Channel later in 2012. (Starz)
‘Coma’ (2012)
After the success of updating Crichton’s “Andromeda Strain,” the Scotts went to work with a four hour update of the film Crichton directed in 1978, “Coma.” The miniseries, due to air on A&E on Labor Day weekend, is an adaptation of the Robin Cook medical thriller. It stars Lauren Ambrose, left, James Woods, center and Geena Davis. (Bob Mahoney / A&E)