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Aftermath of shootings

Danielle Sherzer, a cousin of one of the shooting victims, is reflected amid messages from family and friends that cover the mirrored closet doors in Bodhisattva “Bodhi” Sherzer-Potter’s bedroom. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Robert Ingram Powell
Robert Powell visited the abandoned Air Force site for the first time after the slaying and is now leading a petition drive to have it demolished. “You could get a bulldozer out here and in one hour bulldoze the whole thing,” he said. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Steve Orsinell
Steve Orsinell, digital film instructor at Lewis Center, who taught Christopher Cody Thompson, 18, from Apple Valley, and Bodhisattva Sherzer-Potter, 16, from Helendale. Thompson and Sherzer-Potter were murdered in an abandoned military bunker in Helendale. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Searching For Clues
San Bernardino County sheriff’s investigators sift dirt for clues near the abandoned bunker. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
San Bernardino County sheriff’s detectives Rob Alexander, left, and Scott Cannon search for clues inside the bunker. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Spent cartridges are littered outside the abandoned bunker, which has become the haunt of bored teenagers, target shooters and outlaws. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Braxton Boyd
Braxton Boyd, 17, is a student at Lewis Center who was friends with the two victims. “The crime was horrific,” he said. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)