Old log bridge
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An old log bridge spans a stream along a small stream in timberlands where The Big River flows through in Mendocino County. (Robert Durell / LAT)
INNOVATOR: Chris Kelly manages the Conservation Fund’s forestland in California. “People will say, ‘A conservation group doing logging?’ This is all new to me. I am learning as I go.” (Robert Durell / LAT)
THEY CAME, THEY SAW: Lumberjacks trim fallen trees in the area being purchased. (Robert Durell / LAT)
NURTURING RAYS: A fern is dwarfed by redwoods along the Big River in Mendocino County. The nonprofit Conservation Fund is buying 11,600 acres along that river and 4,345 acres along a nearby creek. (Robert Durell / LAT)
Craig Blencowe, a professional forester, takes a core sample from a stand of redwoods near the Garcia River near Mendocino, California. (Robert Durell / LAT)