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The funeral of Eric Mandeville

LOSS: Mandeville’s girlfriend, Latrenya Jones, is six months pregnant and plans to name the child after him. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Deanna Day and Latrenya Jones helped hang signs for a car wash in Long Beach while trying to raise money for Eric Mandeville’s funeral. (Francine Orr / LAT)
KINSHIP: Detrail Taylor, Eric Mandeville’s brother, dons white gloves as he prepares for the funeral service. (Francine Orr / LAT)
GUNNED DOWN: Eric Mandeville’s casket is taken out of Long Beach Colonial Mortuary after his funeral. The 20-year-old was shot to death about 2 a.m. as he made his way to a local store. The killing remains under investigation. (Francine Orr / LAT)
TEARFUL GOODBYE: Lavonne Mandeville leans over the body of her brother, Eric, at his funeral last week in Long Beach as she whispered, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” He was slain April 22. (Francine Orr / LAT)