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L.A. Protest March

In downtown Los Angeles, demonstrators protest the U.S. backing for Israeli incursions and bombing in Lebanon. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Mildred Manrique (middle) participates in a protest which was held in downtown Los Angeles by a coalition of groups protesting U.S. backing for Israeli incursions and bombing. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Protesters carry a giant flag up Broadway towards the Federal building. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Pro-Israel demonstrators, left, exchange words with protesters during the march. (Chris Carlson / AP)
Corpus Delicti performs during the protest. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Pro-Israel demonstrators exchange words with protesters. (Chris Carlson / AP)
Demonstrators shout during protest march in Los Angeles. (Chris Carlson / AP)
A pro-Israel demonstrator, right, exchanges words with a protester. (Chris Carlson / AP)