Stories of 98 child deaths in 2009

This is the Department of Children and Family Services' internal log of 98 fatalities in 2009 (through early August) among children who had passed through the county child-welfare system. It was obtained by The Times and has not been altered, except for the deletion of children's names to protect families' privacy. In most cases, The Times was unable to verify the circumstances the log describes and has not corrected misspellings and typographical errors.

Mode of
Cause of
17BlackUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 11/14/08, [boy, 17] was discovered lying unresponsive on railroad tracks. [Boy's] identity remained unknown until 4/29/09, when school staff recognized [boy] on Coroner's Website.
0LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/04, stepfather found [boy, 0], who had a blanket over his head, was not breathing and had vomit covering part of his body. Paramedics responded to the home and transported [boy] to ER of a local hospital. [Boy's] death was pronounced shortly after his arrival to hospital.
1LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/Neglect[Girl, 1] was born prematurely and had multiple, chronic medical conditions since her birth. [Girl] was frequently hospitalized due to complications from her medical conditions. [Girl] recently began bleeding, and physicians were unable to stop the bleedings. on 01/06, [girl] was pronounced dead by physician.
8LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/Neglect"[Boy, 8] had a history of severe mental retardation, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, hypotonic. grand mal seizures, and asthma. [Boy] was born out of incest. On or around 1/04/09, [boy] was transferred to Children's Hospital where he died on 01/06/09 while being ""worked up"" for liver transplant."
12LatinoSuicideNon Abuse/Neglect[Boy, 12] hung himself at his home because his mother cut his hair against his will. [Boy] was hospitalized, and reportedly has been declared brain dead. On 1/07, the life support was removed at family's request, and [boy's] death was pronounced on 1/09.
15BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/10, [boy, 15 ] was on sidewalk from his home when an unknown assailant shot him 4 times. [Boy] was in cardiac arrest upon hospital arrival, and resuscitative efforts were not successful. [Boy] was pronounced death shortly after arrival to the ER.
5BlackAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/07, [boy, 5] and his sibling were passengers in mother's vehicle when she was involved in a single car accident. She lost control of the vehicle, struck a guard rail, became airborne, and landed on an on-ramp. The deaths of both [boy] and his mother were pronounced by paramedics at the scene.
17BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/10, [girl, 17] was pronounced dead at Huntington Memorial Hospital where she had been hospitalized since 12/30/08 for severe kidney failure and other medical problems. [Girl] refused medical treatment and she wanted to die.
14LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/10. [boy, 14] was standing outside of his home when unknown assailants fired shots. [Boy] was pronounced dead by physician about two hours after his arrival to hospital.
17LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/10/09, [boy, 17] returned to Valley Presbyterian with continued back pain accompanied by sever abdominal pain. Exploratory surgery was performed to understand the cause of an aortic dissection that had be discovered. The surgeon found [boy's] intestines covered with gangrene, which was possibly caused by the aortic dissection and the lack of blood to was pronounced dead on 1/12/09.
0BlackNaturalNon Abuse/Neglect"On 1/13, mother placed [girl, 0] to sleep in a lateral position. Mother discoverer [girl] unresponsive. Paramedics transported [girl] to Hospital considered ""brain dead"" [girl] died on 1/14."
0LatinoUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 1/20, Paramedics transported [girl, 0] to ER. Her death was pronounced shortly after her arrival to the hospital. Reporting Party states that on the evening on 1/19, mother and the children had gone to the home of mother's friend where mother got drunk. Mother returned home and went to sleep on a large fold out sofa bed along with [girl] and her siblings. [Girl] was observed to have a dark bruise on her forehead as well as two parallel red marks on her cheek area. Autopsy is scheduled.
0LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/21, when paramedics responded to the home, they found [boy, 0] was unresponsive. Paramedics pronounced [boy's] death at the home. [Boy's] death is described as suspicious. Father has a criminal history and has gang affiliations. Coroner's case no. is 2009-00584.
16LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/20, [boy, 16] while riding his bicycle home from school when he was killed very near the school. No further detail regarding the circumstances [boy's] death.
0LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/Neglect"On 1/22, mother went to ER in a ""pool of blood"". Mother gave birth to baby girl who was deceased prior to delivery. Mother admitted to using ""speed"" for the past ten years. Mother was positive for amphetamine and marijuana. Mother is homeless and rsides in a car."
0BlackUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/22, mother placed [baby, 0] to sleep face-down. Three hours later she discovered [babyl] was unresponsive. Paramedics transported [baby ] to the DR where her death was pronounced by physician. Mother admitted to using marijuana.
0BlackUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/26, at 4:40 a.m., mother found [boy, 0] unresponsive. Mother noticed blood coming from his nose. Paramedics pronounced death at the scene. An autopsy is pending.
2BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/24, Father found [girl, 2] unresponsive. Paramedics transported [girl] to hospital. Physician pronounced [girl's] death shortly after hospital arrival. [Girl] was born prematurely with neurological complications. She has a history o Cerebral Palsy and Quadriplegia. An autopsy is pending.
0WhiteNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/29, [girl, 0] who was born prematurely at 28 weeks gestation and had multiple medical problems, died of Natural Causes at Harbor UCLA MC.
17WhiteSuicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 1/11, [girl, 17] took 15-20 Vicodin. She was treated for an overdose of medication and attempted suicide. On 1/28, [girl] was pronounced dead at Hospital.
1LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectParamedics transported [girl, 1] to CH. Physicians removed 200 c's of blood from [girl's] stomach. [Girl's] dead was pronounced by H. physician on 02/07/09.
0LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 02/06, mother placed [girl, 0] to sleep on her stomach between the parents. Father discovered [girl] unresponsive. Mother indicated a history of heart problems in the family. Autopsy is pending.
15BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 01/31, [boy, 15] was shot by an unknown assailant multiple times. Paramedics transported [boy] to ER. Physician pronounced [boy's] death shortly after his arrival to hospital.
6LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/15, paramedics transported [girl, 6] to Hospital. [Girl] was in full cardiac arrest when she arrived at ER and she was pronounced dead after her arrival to ER. [Girl] had a pre-existing condition called Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Deficiency, which is a metabolic disorder and was not expected to live a long life. A nurse noticed evidence of sexual abuse to [girl's] genitals. An autopsy is pending.
15LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/13, [boy, 15] was attending a school dance when he collapsed. Paramedics transported [boy] to ER. [Boy's] death was pronounced by physician shortly after his arrival. An investigation by school revealed that [boy] may have huffed a computer cleaner and used ecstasy sometime prior to his collapse. [Boy] had a prior arrest last year on charges related to marijuana used. Autopsy is pending.
4LatinoAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/19, [boy, 4] was playing outside unsupervised in front yard of his home. [Boy] was struck by a moving vehicle. [Boy] was transported to ER by paramedics. Physician pronounced death shortly after his arrival.
16BlackUndeterminedNon Abuse/Neglect"On 2/22, [girl, 16] was found unresponsive. She was placed with an electrical cord around her neck, tissue stuffed in her mouth, & lotion in her eyes. On 2/23, [girl] was prounounced ""brain dead"". Mother made a decision to remove life support. Physical death took place an hour after midnight on 2/24. [Girl] had psychological problems and was diagnosed with mild mental retardation. An autopsy is pending."
16LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/21, an unk assailant shot [boy, 16] in the back area. Despite medical intervention, death was pronounced by physician shortly after his arrival there. [Boy's] gang affiliation is not known. He has an arrest history. Autopsy was completed. Cause of death is gunshot wound to back.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 023/23, [boy, 17] was riding on a public bus when an unrelated suspect confronted him and shot him in the head. Paramedics responded to the scene where his death was pronounced. [Boy] was gang affiliated and had an arrest history. Autopsy completed.
0WhiteNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/27, [boy, 0] died at Mattel Children's Hospital as a result of an infection and complications acquired after heart surgery. [Boy] remained in the hospital's ICU unit until her death.
5BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/4, Day Care staff found [girl, 5 ] not breathing. Paramedics transported [girl] to Hospital. She was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival to ER. The doctor believes the probable cause of death is cardio-pulmonary arrest with possible gastro intestinal hemorrhage and aspiration. [Girl's] dead did not become a coroner's case.
0BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 2/27, mother was transported to hospital. Mother suffered hypertension and was noncompliant with medication, tested positive for cocaine. A decision was made to terminate her pregnancy, and [girl, 0 ] was delivered with no signs of life and was pronounced dead on 2/28. Mother progressed to brain death, and she was pronounced dead on 3/2.
13BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/7. [girl, 13] was found stabbed at an abandoned apartment bldg. [Girl] was transported to St. Francis Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival. [Girl] was considered AWOL from her faster home and she may have been staying with her biological mother prior to her death.
16LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/13. [boy, 16] & a friend got into a verbal argument with suspects. One of the suspects fired shots and struck [boy] and the friend. They both were pronounced dead shortly after their arrival to ER.
0BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/14, Mother noticed [boy, 0] was not breathing. Paramedics transported [boy] to ER. [Boy's] death was pronounced by ER physician. [Boy] had reportedly been ill with cold symptoms for few weeks. Autopsy date is not know.
14WhiteNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/17, Grandmother accompanied [boy, 14] to a local park for a run. After running, [boy] told grandmother he did not feel well. [Boy's] medical condition deteriorated and ER physician pronounced death a short time later.
0BlackMedicalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/17, [boy] was pronounced dead at Hospital where he was receiving medical treatment after being born premature, which was due to prenatal exposure to illicit drugs. [Boy] suffered from lung problems and never left the hospital after he was born.
17BlackUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/17, [girl, 17] was unresponsive and she had foam coming from her nose. Paramedics responded and [girl] was pronounced dead at the scene. It appears that [girl] overdosed on prescribed medication.
2WhiteNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/22, [boy, 2 ]'s death was pronounced by physician at UCLA Medical Center where [boy] had been hospitalized since 2/19/09. [Boy] was born with multiple, severe and chronic medical problems.
0LatinoUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 3/25, Mother woke up and found [boy, 0] unresponsive while they were sleeping in the rear seat of a truck that belonged to a good Samaritan. [Boy] was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER. Mother and [boy] were homeless. An autopsy is scheduled for today (3/26/09).
2LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/31, [boy, 2] was pronounced dead at Hospital where he had been admitted on 3/22, due to a near drowning that took place at the home of his maternal grandparents in Palmdale.
0LatinoUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/2, father took a nap with [boy, 0]. Father woke up and found [boy] unresponsive. [Boy] was transported to Kaiser Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER.
0WhiteUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/5, the physician at the UCLA Santa Monica observed blood coming from mother's uterus. The physician suspects death was due to placenta separation that was possibly caused by mother's hypertension and her use of methamphetamine that she admitted using two days prior to delivery.
17LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 3/31, [child, 17] was passenger in a moving vehicle when another vehicle began shooting them, and [child] was struck multiple times. Paramedics responded to the scene where death was pronounced.
1BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 4/7, [boy, 1] was found unresponsive. Paramedics transported [boy] to ER. [Boy's] death was pronounced by ER physician shortly after arrival.
10BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/7, [girl, 10] was discovered unresponsive in the group home. Paramedics transported [girl] to ER where physician pronounced death. [Girl] had multiple, significant health condition including Trisomy 13, a Chromosomal disorder. She had a mental capacity of 1 yr old child.
0BlackHomicideUndeterminedOn 4/5, father was sitting in a SUV with his former girlfriend. Mother who was 33 weeks pregnant started arguing with the girlfriend. The girlfriend threatened to kill mother and then intentionally ran over mother. The baby sustained a skull fracture, multiple intracranial bleeds, and multiple organ failure and served seven hours before dying. shortly after arrival.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/8, [boy, 17] was shot by an unidentified suspect while standing near the front yard of his house. He was pronounced dead on 4/9. The shooting is believed to be gang-related, however [boy] was not known to have any gang affiliation nor did he have an arrest record.
15LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/11, [boy, 15] was attending a party at a hotel located in the city of Rosemead. Suspects entered the room, started shooting, and then fled on foot. [Boy] died at the scene.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/11, [boy, 17] was walking with a friend when two unknown males shot [boy] multiple times.
5LatinoUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 4/4, [girl, 15] was found unresponsive. Paramedics pronounced [girl's] death at the scene. [Girl] was born premature with multiple developmental disorders.
16BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/15, [girl, 16] was standing on sidewalk with her mother and a group of friends. An adult woman in wheelchair pulled a knife and stabbed [girl] in the chest area. {Girl's] death was pronounced by hospital physician shortly after her arrival there.
2LatinoNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/14, [boy, 2] was taken to UCLA Medical Center due to vomiting, diarrhea, and possible fever. [Boy] went into cardiac arrest while he was being transferred into the bed in ICU. [Boy] was pronounced dead on 4/15. [Boy] weighed 91 pounds at death.
0BlackUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 4/17, Maternal great aunt left [boy, 0] on the couch while she went to do laundry. When the great aunt returned, she found [boy] crying and lying on the edge of the couch. [Boy] experienced a severe seizure and was flown via helicopter lo Los Angeles Children's Hospital. [Boy] was diagnosed with subdural hemorrhage, swelling to the brain, and bi-lateral retinal hemorrhage. On 4/19 brain death was confirmed.
16WhiteUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 4/20, father found [girl, 16] unresponsive. Paramedics pronounced her death at the scene. [Girl] had a history of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, which included prescription medication. The Coroner's Office believes that [girl] died as the result of an accidental vs. intentional drug overdose.
17BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/5, [child, 17] who was on life support, died as a result of severe chronic asthma and anoxic encephalopathy.
12BlackSuicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 4/26, [boy, 12]'s aunt discovered him with a belt around his neck and hanging from the clothes rod in his closet. Paramedics responded and pronounced death at the scene. [Boy] had a history of depression and was receiving therapy and medication.
0WhiteUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/3, foster mother's adult daughter discovered [boy, 0] unresponsive. [Boy] transported to ER where his death was pronounced by physician.
17LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/2, [boy, 17 ] was attending a party. During the party, an argument over a girl ensued and [boy] was stabbed to death.
13BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/5, [boy, 13] and four of his friends were sitting on a wall in the yard. An unknown assailant began firing a weapon, striking [boy] and one of his friends. [Boy] transported to ER where his death was pronounced shortly after his arrival.
15BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/6, a suspect walked up to [boy, 15] and shot him multiple times. The shooting is believed to be gang related. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/9, [boy, 17] was shot by an unknown assailant. Paramedics transported [boy] to a local hospital where he was pronounced death shortly after his arrival.
0LatinoAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/13, a drug-exposed infant referral was generated on [boy, 0] after he and his mother tested positive for amphetamine. Baby boy was born 22 wks gestation on 5/12/09. Mother admitted to smoking crystal methamphetamine during pregnancy.M
16BlackAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/19, mother was driving on freeway. [girl, 16] was passenger in the SUV and was not wearing a seat belt. For unk reasons, mother swerved to the left and overcorrected to the right. [Girl] was ejected onto the freeway and was pronounced death at the scene.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 5/21, [girl, 0 ] was discovered unresponsive. Resuscitative efforts were not successful, and [girl's] death was pronounced at the home by paramedics.
12LatinoSuicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/16, the 17 yrs old sibling and a friend discovered [boy, 12] hanging by a belt in his parent's closet. [Boy's] x-ray revealed that his is brain dead. After discussing [boy's] prognosis with doctors, the parents agreed to remove him from life support, [boy] died on 5/21.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 5/21. mother discovered [boy, 0] unresponsive on the mother's bed. Paramedics transported [boy] to the ER, where resuscitative efforts were not successful, and death was pronounced by ER physician.
0LatinoUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 5/26, Paramedics responded to the motel room where parents and children reside. [boy, 0] had been placed to sleep at approximately midnight on 5/26, and parents did not check on him again until 1 yr old sibling awakened mother at noon on that dat. According to the Coroner, [boy] appeared to have been deceased for up to 10 hrs prior to paramedics' arrival.
9AsianAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 5/22, mother was stopped in traffic while [girl, 9 ] and her 13 years old sister sat in the back seat. [Girl] was reclining and was only secured by the lap belt. During this time, a large truck swerved and hit the side of the car. [Girl] sustained blunt head trauma and was transported to hospital paramedics' arrival.
0WhiteUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 5/30, mother found [boy, 0 ] unresponsive. [Boy] was transported to Valley Presbyterian Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER. The hospital social worker suspected [boy] was the victim of an over-lay. An autopsy is scheduled for 6/1/09.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 6/01, mother found [boy, 0] unresponsive. [Boy] was transported to ER where he was pronounced dead.
0BlackUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 6/4. mother found [boy, 0] unresponsive. Paramedics transported [boy's] body to the Coroner's Office. The mother and father gave conflicting stories regarding [boy's] death.
0WhiteUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 6/4, mother found [boy, 0] unresponsive. [Boy] was transported to Hospital where she was pronounced dead. SIDS has not been ruled out.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 6/8, [boy, 17] was shot three times while standing outside his apartment. It is not know if the shooting was gang-related.
10LatinoAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 6/16, [boy, 10] was riding in the passenger seat that was being driven by his 18-years old brother. Another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction made left turn in front of the SUV. The SUV struck the other vehicle and [boy] sustained severe head trauma. [Boy] was pronounced dead two days later in LAC+USC Medical Ctr.
2AsianUndeterminedNon Abuse/NeglectOn 6/23, [boy, 2] stomach made a big gurgling sound and then he spit up clear saliva. Mother found [boy] unresponsive. [Boy] was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER.
4LatinoUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 6/30, paternal grandfather found [girl, 4] unresponsive. Paramedics resuscitative efforts were unsuccessful.
17LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 6/7, [boy, 17] was shot on a street. [Boy] remained hospitalized until death was pronounced on 6/27/09.
0LatinoUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 7/5, mother went to move [boy, 0] from the bed to his bassinet when she noticed that he was purple and unresponsive. Death was pronounced by paramedics at the home.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 6/29, mother fell asleep. Mother woke up and discovered [boy, 0] unresponsive. On 7/3, [boy] was pronounced dead at Harbor UCLA Medical Center,
16BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 7/5, LASD deputies approached [boy, 16] in the city of Compton. [Boy] had a loaded gun and he started running from the deputies. Deputies shot [boy] after he reportedly pointed the gun at them. [Boy] pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER.
12LatinoNaturalAbuse/NeglectOn 7/1, [girl, 12] became unresponsive due to her diabetic condition. [Girl] was in full cardiac arrest when she arrived at the hospital. [Girl] remained comatose throughout her hospitalization. On 7/3, brain death was confirmed by physician.
10LatinoAccidentAbuse/NeglectOn 6/29, parents were involved in traffic accident in which [boy, 10], [sibling] and [sibling] were all ejected from the van. They were riding in the back of the van which had no seat. [Boy] did not recover from the severe injuries and his death was pronounced by physician at Children's Hospital on 7/6/09.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 7/10, mother left [boy, 0] in the care of his 17 old maternal aunt. When mother returned home several hrs later, she discovered [boy] was unresponsive. [Boy's] death was pronounced by ER physician.
14BlackAccidentNon Abuse/NeglectOn 7/11, [boy, 14] was participating in a balloon fight with other children in front of her aunt's house. During this time, [boy] darted out into the street between two parked cars and was struck by a passing vehicle. [Boy] was pronounced dead on the same day during surgery at UCLA Medical Center.
3BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 7/14, [boy, 3] went into cardiac arrest at Whittier Peds. Subacute where he is placed. [Boy] was oxygen deprived at birth, and had a lengthy history of medical complications. [Boy] has been residing in a medical setting for past two yrs.
4LatinoHomicideAbuse/NeglectOn 7/18, [boy, 4 ] was found with fatal lacerations to his neck and knife wounds to his left palm and fingers. Mother, was also found dead on the floor with an apparent s-inflicted stab wound to her left wrist and left side of neck. Paramedics pronounced both [boy] and mother dead at the scene.
1BlackNaturalNon Abuse/NeglectOn 7/19, [girl, 1] was pronounced death at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She died due to respiratory failure secondary to sepsis due to influenza and staph infection.
1BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 7/15, father went to work and left [boy, 1] with mother. A few hrs later, mother awoke and found [boy] crying and choking. [Boy] was transported to Centinela Hospital where he was resuscitated. [Boy] was pronounced dead on 7/29/09.
7LatinoAccidentUndeterminedOn 7/10, [girl, 7] and her siblings were walking with mother down a street. [Girl] was playing hid and seek, she hid behind a cinder block pillar that was next to an industrial wrought iron chain driven gate of a business. The manager of the business opened the gate with a remote and [girl's] body and head became entangled/trapped in the bars of the gate. On 7/20, [girl] was pronounced dead by the hospital physician.
6BlackUndeterminedAbuse/NeglectOn 7/23, paramedics responded to an unknown call. [boy, 6 ] was found deceased with multiple bruises in various stages of healing.
16LatinoHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn, 7/24. [boy, 16] was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a police pursuit. The chase ended on foot and [boy] was shot after he reportedly pointed a gun at the officer.
9WhiteAccidentUndeterminedOn 8/3, [Violet, 9] and her 3 year old sister were traveling southbound on 5 Freeway in a car that was either being driven by the mother or the mother's boyfriend. A truck side swiped the car as it was passing through the city of Oceanside. [Girl] was killed in the accident. Reportedly, mother and the boyfriend were intoxicated and the boyfriend was arrested.
14BlackAccidentUndeterminedOn 8/2, [boy, 14] was hit by a vehicle traveling at a high-speed when he attempted to cross Imperial Highway in the middle of the block. [Boy] was dragged approximately 20 to 50 feet. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to ER.
17BlackHomicideNon Abuse/NeglectOn 8/3, [boy, 17] was walking near his home when it appears unidentified suspects were waiting in a van and shot at him as he passed. [Boy] was pronounced dead shortly after arrival to the emergency room.
0LatinoUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 8/6, [girl, 0 ] was transported to Medical Center where she was placed on a ventilator. On the evening of 8/6, [girl] was pronounced dead at Miller Children's Hospital.
1LatinoHomicideUndeterminedOn 8/8, mother discovered [girl, 1] unresponsive in the bed she was sharing with her boyfriend at the boyfriend's house. [Girl] and mother, who is 8 months pregnant, were placed with a non-related family member. [Girl] had multiple scratches on her ears and stomach and a bite mark on her shoulder that mother claimed happened at a daycare.
0BlackUndeterminedUndeterminedOn 8/9, father discovered [girl, 0] unresponsive on the bed which she was sharing with both parents. Paramedics transported [girl] to hospital. [Girl's] death was pronounced by ER physician.