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SoCal’s inclement weather

Snow drifts on I-5 in Gorman from the passing the storm is expected to drop up to 10 inches in higher elevations above 5,000 feet. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)
Motorist drive along Lockwood Valley Rd. as snow coats the brush. Mountain residents and visitors were advised to prepare for hazardous driving. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)
Snow rests atop brush along Lockwood Valley Rd. This weekend, Saturday is expected to be clear, but forecasters predicted a 30% chance of rain Sunday. (Carlos Chavez / LAT)
Farm workers pick strawberries under steady rain fall along Pleasant Valley Rd. in Oxnard. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Sand clogged drains caused rains to flood a half-mile stretch of Mandalay Beach Rd. in Oxnard. City worker Walter Seymour wades across the street. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Storm clouds blow over downtown Los Angeles as clearer skies appear on the horizon. (Luis Sinco / LAT)