Avid customer
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Fitting Watts to a T

AVID CUSTOMER: Uji Ota, left, president of the One O Five car club in Nagano, Japan — it’s named after L.A.’s 105 Freeway — goes over an order with Jordan. He bought more than $1,000 in clothing with the Wattslife logo. (Michael Robinson Chavez / LAT)
REAL DEAL: A pedestrian walks past Larry Jordan’s Wattslife Souvenirs. Jordan acknowledges that much of the store’s attraction stems from the area’s reputation. (Michael Robinson Chavez / LAT)
LONG REACH: Kanako Yumoto of Nagano, Japan, shops for T-shirts at Wattslife Souvenirs. Jordan’s shop is popular among tourists from Japan and elsewhere. (Michael Robinson Chavez / LAT)
ENTREPRENEUR: Larry “Big Al” Jordan sells T-shirts and other Watts-related merchandise at his souvenir store. “People here want to feel proud about where they live,” he says, “and that is what we try to do.” (Michael Robinson Chavez / LAT)